The Bell-lloc Alumni Association is a legally-established organisation that is registered in the Catalan Government Registry of Associations. This school association brings together former students, in order to plan and hold numerous cultural, leisure and social activities every year, so as to maintain links between Bell-lloc, its former pupils and their families. It also publishes El Butlletó, a magazine that contains interviews with former students, articles on opinions and details on the activities of the association. The group also organises the conferences Ciència a l’Abast (Science within your Reach), of a bi-annual character, which deals with current scientific topics. Finally, the Alumni Association also helps school pupils with economic needs by awarding scholarships.

The President of the Bell-lloc Alumni Association is Ramon Bosch y Baulida, and his Email address is:

The Xavier Fàbrega Solidarity Award is a literary prize for story-telling, drawing and photography, and which is open to all ages. The money awarded to the winners is also provided to organisations that work for humanitarian causes. A different subject is dealt with every year, and the awards panel comprises figures from cultural and educational.

We publish Girona a l’Abast conferences, which seek to open up the history and art of the city to all those interested. The conferences are given by prestigious experts in their respective fields.

LThe Conference of Agricultural Companies in the Countries of Girona is held every year and focuses on current agricultural issues. The speakers are experts from different agricultural environments.

Class reunions organized by the Alumni Association help restore and strengthen old friendships between former pupils and teachers at the school. A walk round the premises always helps to take in the changes and see how things have developed over the years.

The Alumni Association organizes two family outings every month, one mountain trip and the other a mountain-biking trip. You will find all the information you need on the Bell-lloc website, as well as details on our most recent outings.