For over 50 years, Bell-lloc has sought to enable the personal growth of each student in terms of intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects in a climate of personal freedom and responsibility, by offering parents the ideal means to carry out this task with a natural continuity between school and home.

B!CHARACTER is a project that has been developed by a group of Bell-lloc teachers whose aim is to bring out the habits and strengths of our students to help them achieve personal excellence, while providing families with the tools and resources they need to continue the tasks performed at school.

The aim of the B!CHARACTER programme is to acquire 25 skills that shape individual character, and which are divided into three groups, or dimensions:

Each month all courses at Bell-lloc will be working on one of these skills, in line with our Plan of Action:

For our younger pupils, from the 1st to 4th years of primary school, we will be working on routines defined in the personal agenda and which will be applied both at home and at school.

From the 5th year primary school course and up to the 2nd year Baccalaureate course, pupils will be working towards a goal. Each month, during the tutoring sessions, they will complete a self-assessment task about the skill, and each student will define a personal goal that they will try to achieve with the help of their personal tutor. A practical case related to the monthly skill subject and other activities that aid reflection on that specific skill will also be studied and worked on each month.

Every month, the B!CHARACTER section of the school’s web page will feature suggestions to help your children acquire the monthly skill at home, as well as the films recommended, with the idea of promoting family film-forums and articles of interest, etc.

Our aim is to ensure that B!CHARACTER becomes a dynamic project that can be applied in many areas, and one that is in a constant process of transformation. To help achieve this we will be welcoming those contributions that everyone; parents, teachers, and students wish to make to improve and enrich the programme.

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Here you will find suggestions to help your children acquire home the competition of the month, as well as recommended films to make film-forums with the family, activities, interesting articles, etc.