Alumnes de 3r d'ESO al laboratori

3rd of ESO students have started out their lab classes mapping out their prior knowlege with a VESS thinking routine.

Itinerari per les Llegendes de Girona

During the morning of this Thursday the students of 1st ESO have taken a tour of the Old Town of the city to know first hand the most popular legends of their streets.

Certificat de Competència Digital

The College is certified to carry out the ECDL Basic Skills Digital Competency exams. Today, 4th ESO students have been examined in order to obtain this recognized certificate worldwide.

L’Antic Alumne Sr. Albert Roca ens visita

The former student Mr. Albert Roca conducts an entrepreneurial gathering to students of the 3rd and 4th ESO Singular Plan.

Activitats Extraescolars 2019/20

As of the next 2019/20 course, there is a wide range of extra-curricular educational activities. Below you can find more information, application and deadlines for registration of these modules.

Premi al Millor Projecte en Xarxa, Premis RED 2019 a Barcelona

On Thursday 13 June the delivery of the Junior Report RED 2019 Awards took place. The Digital Magazine Bell-lloc Report was awarded with the Microsoft Award for Best Coordinated Network Project. Congratulations!

VII Fira Bell-Domus

Third year students of ESO have sold the houses they have been preparing throughout the course at the 7th Bell-Domus Fair on Friday, 7th of June. More photos of the event, below.

Pla d'Igualtat a l'ESO i Batxillerat

During this third quarter we are implementing the new Equality Plan for Secondary and Baccalaureate that has been developed in collaboration with the European Association of Differentiated Education (EASSE).

 Sessió de Ayuda a la Iglesia Necesitada pels alumnes de 4t ESO

This Tuesday, volunteers of Assistance to the Church Needed have given a session to the students of 4th ESO to explain the situation that live the Christians who live in countries where they are persecuted for their religious beliefs.

Formació Internacional per a professors

During this summer the professors Mr. Raül López Santos, Mr. Pep Navarro Novell, Mr. Toni Riera Pérez and Mr. Àlex Valera Ruiz will participate in Erasmus+ conferences in Ireland, Croatia and Italy, respectively, during this month of July.

Menció especial al Cangur  2019

The students Xavier de Bolós Palomino (2nd ESO) and Pol Martí Cárdenas (3rd ESO) received a special mention at the awards ceremony of the Cangur test.

Campanya de prevenció del tabac d’Oncolliga Girona, Campanya de prevenció del tabac d’Oncolliga Girona

On May 27th the students of 1st ESO of the school participated in the Closing Ceremony of the Campaign organized by Oncolliga Girona with the aim of preventing tobacco consumption among adolescents, coinciding with the world without tobacco day on 31 May.

 Alumnes de Water Save a Manpower Madrid

The entrepreneurs and creators of WaterSave presented the project that won them the national final, and with which they will defend Spain in the European competition, before a total of almost a thousand people in the Talent Tower of Manpower in Madrid.

Premi a la 42a Edició del Coca-Cola Relat Breu en Català

Oriol Llopart Portell, 2nd year of ESO C, accompanied by his Catalan teacher, Mr. David Pagès i Cassú, picked up at Port Aventura one of the first prizes of the 42nd edition of the Coca-Cola Short Breakthrough Prize in Catalan.

Entrega taló Open Arms,  Open Arms visita el col·legi

Patricia, volunteer of the Open Arms Foundation, explained the work that Open Arms does as an NGO in the Mediterranean Sea and the difficulties they face. The students gave him the money collected for this entity with the Solidarity Project and row 0 of the musical.

Formació financera, Formació financera

Last Monday the students of 3rd ESO followed a financial training with staff from Deutsche Bank and learned the basic parameters that must be taken into account in order to make an investment with guarantees.

Setmana a Lisboa

This week, students of 3rd ESO of entrepreneurship are in Lisbon with Mr. Joan Enric Taló Valls and Mr. Marc Serra Masip during the week of Erasmus+ exchange with students from schools in Portugal, Italy and Poland.

TV Girona a Bell-lloc

Last Friday, May 10, and coinciding with the training sessions for the final of the 11th, TV Girona came to school to shoot and interview our finalists.

7a Fira Bell-Domus

Next 7th of June, the 7th Bell-Domus Fair will take place in which the students of 3rd year of ESO will present to the relatives and external evaluators the project of domotic that they have elaborated throughout the course.

 El Sr. Carles Benítez imparteix una sessió de protocol a 3r d’ESO

This Wednesday, Mr. Carles Benítez, in charge of the Girona Excellent Program of the Diputació de Girona, has given a session on protocol to the students responsible for performing the public relations function during the Bell-Domus Fair on June 7.

Albert Sentís Beneset i Meritxell Vaquero, protagonistes del musical Shackleton

The audience of what is now the 4th musical of Bell-lloc was captivated by the staging and many emotions. The success of Shackleton is the result of the work of the entire school throughout the school year. We present you some photos of the days before the opening day taken by the student Oriol Cortina Reixach.

Guanyadors de Premis UNESCO de literatura

Forty-five students from the school have been distinguished in the Prizes convened by the Friends of Unesco in Girona. Last Friday 10th of May, at the Casa de Cultura in Girona, there was the award ceremony.

3r de primària: Ermita El Guilar d’Argelaguer

Last Friday, May 10th, the last cultural and romería excursions of the course took place in different places of the Catalan geography. Check the photographs for courses, below.

XIX Premi Solidaritat Xavier Fàbrega

Once the deadline for the presentation of works for the 19th Solidarity Prize Xavier Fàbrega has been completed, the awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 2/4 at 8 pm at the EspaiCaixa Auditorium located at Plaça Poeta Marquina, 11, 17002 Girona.

Bell-lloc guanya el Premi Millor Projecte en la XIII Competició Nacional de miniempreses

Bell-lloc wins the Best Project Award in the 13th National Mini-Competition of between a total of 6,000 students from all over Spain and more than 1,200 entrepreneurship projects. The team will travel to Lille (France) to represent Spain at the European Final JA-YE Europe Company of the Year Competition.

Educació vial a 4t de primària

During the 2nd and 3rd of March 4th Primary students enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a Road Education workshop run by monitors of the Catalan Traffic Service.

 Alumnes de l’UNAV expliquen la seva experiència a 4t ESO

The students of the University of Navarra Alberto Bonilla, Santi Caireta and Leire Zubiaur, have had a session with the students of 4th ESO explaining how the choice of Baccalaureate that they are realizing later influences their university life.

Formació en Competències Bàsiques

The heads of the departments of the different curricular areas of the school performed a basic skills training by Cristina Mudarra Pons.

Confirmació 2019

On Sunday, 67 students from 3rd ESO received the sacrament of Confirmation from Mr. Bishop Francesc Pardo accompanied by relatives, friends and professors in a solemn and emotional ceremony.

 Alumnes de 4t ESO a la fase estatal del Junior Achievement

This Tuesday and Wednesday, the 4th ESO entrepreneur team that was ranked in the Catalan phase of the Junior Achievement competition is already in Madrid defending the Water Save project nationwide.

 Alumnes de 4t ESO a la final del repte Big Data d’EduCaixa

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the students of 4th ESO Enric Campmajó Bonet, Guillem Gómez Puig and Andrei Santana Oyuela, were in Barcelona with Mr. Lluís Esteve Mercader participating in the final phase of the Big Data Challenge organized by EduCaixa.

Equip Classificat de "La pandilla" de sisè de primària

Last Saturday, May the 4th, the Provincial of the Robocat Provincial Phase took place. More than thirty teams from all parts of the province attended a festive and competitive event at the school's facilities.

Xavier de Bolós i Pol Martí

In the current edition of the Kangaroo Tests 2019 in Xavier de Bolós Palomino and in Pol Martí Cárdenas of 2nd and 3rd ESO, respectively, are among the top twelve classified in a total of almost one hundred and twenty five thousand students presented to the tests.

Bons resultats a les Competències Bàsiques de 4t d'ESO del Bell-lloc

The results of the basic competences of this year clearly position us above the average of Catalonia, and in all areas except one in which we are at the same level as the centers of our own complexity. They are excellent results, which demonstrate that Bell-lloc knows how to orientate his diversity of students towards academic excellence.

 Alumnes de 4t ESO a ManpowerGroup

The 4th ESO students who won the Catalan phase of the Junior Achievement with the Water Save project have attended the Manpower Group offices in Barcelona in order to prepare the exhibition that they will do in mid-May at the state stage of Madrid.

 Jornada de sensibilització de MIFAS per 4t ESO

This Wednesday, a volunteer from MIFAS has given a sensitization session to 4th ESO students regarding the situation of people with some physical, organic and sensory disability in the demarcation of Girona. You can see the photo album here.

 Sessions sobre literatura a 4t ESO

During the Sant Jordi's day, students of 4th ESO have been able to enjoy different types of literary recommendations that have given high school teachers with different sessions that the students have previously chosen.

Sr. Josep Nadal, secretari de l’Ajuntament de Gualta

Mr. Josep Nadal, secretary of the Gualta Town Council, held a session on 4th ESO students explaining how an election day works at the organizational level and what documentation is needed to guarantee the transparency of the elections.

Jocs Florals Bell-lloc 2019, Guanyadors de 1r de primària, Guanyadors de 2n de primària, Guanyadors de 3r de primària, Guanyadors de 4t de primària, Guanyadors de 5è i 6è de primària,  Guanyadors d'ESO2, Guanyadors d'ESO1,  Guanyadors de Batxillerat

As every year, the Department of Languages of the College organizes Floral Games during the Sant Jordi Day, where all the students of Bell-lloc present their literary compositions. You can find the photographs of the winners here.

 Recital poètic a 3r ESO

During the Day of Sant Jordi, Mr. Álex González has given a poetry recital to students of the 3rd year of ESO, who have been able to listen to verses by Machado, Benavente or Maragall.

Treball de Síntesi de 1r d'ESO, Gravant el curtmetratge al centre de Girona

This week the different synthesis works were carried out throughout the ESO. Those of 1st ESO have worked on the issue of sports values through the Olympic Games and, on the 2nd of ESO, they have worked on the world of cinema through a short film.

 Treballs de Síntesi d’ESO2

This week the different synthesis works were carried out throughout the ESO. The 3rd of ESO have worked in the media and, the 4th of ESO have done about the war conflicts around the world.

Ruta per les escultures de Girona

The students of the 1st ESO Excellence Plan made a route for the most emblematic sculptures of the city of Girona. Twenty students explained, individually, a sculpture to the rest of their classmates.

Sessió economia, Sessió de comunicació

Throughout the week the students of 4th of ESO have received training talks on economics and communication in order to work on different aspects of their project "Elections to the presidency of Girona FC".

 Finalistes del Repte BigData 2019

Last Saturday, March 7th, and within the optional 4D ESO BigData subject, students have prepared a challenge to solve the problems that may arise in 2050 through the analysis of data or BigData.

, VII Competició Catalana de Miniempreses

The team of entrepreneurs, made up of Ignasi Alarcón Masferrer, Eudald Borrell Pons, Gerard Caritg Jerez, Pep Moyano Font and Quim Soler Figa have won the VII Catalan Mini-Company Competition with their WaterLight device.

Taula rodona amb 4t d’ESO

The students of 4th of ESO have had a session with classmates who are taking different types of Baccalaureate.

El periodisme esportiu

Within the framework of the Linguamat project, Mr. Carlos Luque, a sports journalist, spoke to 3rd grade students about how the world of sports journalism works.

Estadística en l'esport professional

Mr. Bernat Vivolas, assistant coach of Uni Girona, gives a session on statistics in professional sport which is part of the subject of LinguaMat of 3rd ESO.

El Sr. Bisbe de Girona amb els de 3r d'ESO, El Sr. Bisbe de Girona amb els de 2n i 3r de primària

The Bishop of Girona, Mons. Francesc Pardo Artigas, had a talk with the students of 2nd and 3rd year of primary school, and with those of 3rd year of ESO.

WaterSave a la Fase Final Catalana

WaterSave, a water-saving start-up created by fourth of ESO students within the Be an Entrepreneur subject, has been shortlisted for the Catalan Start-Up Final Phase.

 Bell-lloc Report, la Revista Digital de Bell-lloc

The Digital Magazine Bell-lloc Report of La Vanguardia is already a reality. This project is promoted from the school by the students of 4th ESO within the elective subject of Communication.


 Preparació per la Confirmació dels alumnes de 3r ESO

On this Tuesday and Wednesday 3rd ESO students have had some preparatory days of faces to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation during the ceremony that will take place on May 5 in the Cathedral of Girona.


Pràctiques de dissecció a 3r d’ESO

In the 3rd ESO Natural Sciences Experimental Project, students study the organs of the human body through similar dissections with animal organs.


Treballem en grups cooperatius

The 1st of ESO students are doing an activity on "The text and its classes". It is a cooperative-driven language project; Skill specially worked during this month within the B!Character.


 Connexió amb l’Antàrtida

On the theme of the musical, one hundred students from 5th and 6th of primary and 1st and 2nd of ESO have made a live videoconferencing with the "Gabriel de Castilla" Antarctic Scientific Base.


Curs sobre reanimació cardiopulmonar a 3r d’ESO, Curs sobre reanimació cardiopulmonar a 3r d’ESO

Dr. Carlos Cerezo, family doctor, and Mr. Raúl Sánchez, health emergency technician, gave a course on first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to 3rd grade students, a transversal activity between Physical Education and Natural Sciences.


Sortides Culturals

Last Wednesday all Bell-lloc students went on a Cultural Outing to several corners of Catalan geography to learn about academic aspects from a more practical and friendly perspective.

 Proves de competències bàsiques a 4t ESO

On Wednesdays and Thursdays the students of ESO 4th year have completed the tests of basic competences of the Catalan language, the Spanish language, the English language, the mathematics, and the scientific and technological sciences.

This Friday the students of the ESO2 Excellence Plan have enjoyed the play Semblanza of Viktor Frankl with the text of Rafel de los Ríos and played by Alejandro González.

“A la Xarxa respecto i ajudo”

ESO 1rd year students work aspects of cyberbullying during tutoring through the educational platform Connecta +

 Alumnes de 3r ESO fan de guies turístics per Girona

On Thursday afternoon students of the 3rd ESO Excellence Plan, within the subject of Entrepreneurship, have lead guided tours in the Ancient Square of Girona to their colleagues from the Lycée Richelieu Rueil Malmaison in Paris.

 Coneixent la Catedral de Girona

The students of 2nd year of ESO visit the Cathedral of Girona to discover what they have been working in the classroom within an Interdisciplinary Project that takes place throughout the academic year and that culminates with a guided tour of the parents.

 Campanya d'Apadrinaments de Pingüins,  Campanya d'Apadrinaments de Pingüins

From the organization of the Musical we encourage you to sponsor an Antarctic penguin, a gesture that represents your will and commitment to take care of the environment. It is free and you will be helping in the fight against cancer.

Dinar Alemany a Bell-lloc

The families of our first of ESO students have been invited to share with us the second themed lunch of the year. Both the canteen and the menu were inspired  by the German culture and cuisine.

 Preparació del concurs Junior Achievement

This Monday our fourth of ESO students have been to Girona to put together the presentation video of their start-up, which will compete in the Junior Achievement competition. 

APAC Convention 2019

Mr. Raül López, one of the school language teachers, attended the yearly Teacher Training Conference organized by APAC (Catalan English Teachers Association) held at the Pompeu Fabra University

 Visita de 3r ESO a Catalunya Ràdio

This week our third of ESO students have visited Catalunya Radio and have attended one of the live programs of this popular radio station; this school outing is included within the Capstone Project that students will carry out next April.

 Els bons hàbits, també a taula.

"Good Maners, also at the Table!" is a fourth of primary project with the collaboration of some first and second of ESO students. The project stems from the need to improve patters of behaviour, whether they are at school, at home or anywhere else. 

 Bell-lloc a la First LEGO League de Girona

Last Saturday 2nd February, two Bell-lloc teams took part in the first phase of the First LEGO League (FLL) competition, which was held at the Girona University, togethr with over 40 teams from all over the region. 

Professors turcs conèixen l'Erasmus Plus del Bell-lloc

A dozen Turkish teachers, accompanied by Mr. Joan Enric Taló, have known at first-hand Bell-lloc's Erasmus + Project, and also the Tecnhology and Robotics projects that are being implemented in the secondary years. 

Educant de cara al futur 2019

Next 22nd and 23rd of February Les Alzines and Bell-lloc will offer a new Parenting Course. This year, the course will revolve around Marriage and Love. The sessions will be taught by Dr. Nieves González Rico, a sexologist specialized in Natural Family Planning. 

Experiències Matemàtiques

On January 22nd, the 3rd of ESO Excellence Plan students visited the "Mathematical Experiences exhibition" at the Casa de Cultura, accompanied by Mr. Juli de Castro and Mr. Miquel Àngel Lucena. 

Competició interna de Robòtica

Last Thursday 24th Bell-lloc held the preliminary phase of the MICRO First Lego League Competition, to decide which teams will represent our school in the competition which will take place on 2nd February, organized by the UdG Politècnica

"Les drogues a l'adolescència", xerrada a 3r d'ESO

This week Mr. Marc Serra has given a formative talk to 3rd of ESO students on "Adolescents and Drug Use", in which students have been able to talk openly and express their doubts about this issue.

 Shackleton, el Musical

This year's Musical will be based on the true story of British explorer Shackleton, and his failed expedition to Antarctica at the beginning of the 20th century.

Xerrada Prevenció del Consum de Tabac amb 1r d'ESO

Ms Eulàlia Romera Fernández, from the Oncolliga Girona Foundation shows the main dangers of tobacco, the impact it has on public health and the economic interests behind it. 

 Bones i Santes Festes de Nadal

Bell-lloc wishes you all a Happy and Holy Christmas. May you enjoy the holidays in the company of your loved ones. See you all back on the 8th January!

Sortida Pla d'Excel·lència dels alumnes de 1r ESO

The First of ESO Excellence Plan Students visited the Fundación Noguera car washing and water recycling plant, based in Montfullà industrial park.

Visita a Tr3saland de 4t d'ESO

Last Monday 17th December the 4th of ESO Technology students visited the headquarters of Tr3sDland company in Girona to learn about professional 3D printing. 

Assaig Pastorets

First of ESO students have started out an intense week rehearsing Els Pastorets, which will be performed next Sunday 16th December at the School Christmas Celebration

 Xerrada “Internet segura per a joves” a 2n d’ESO

Mr. Jordi Bartomeo, a Mosso d'Esquadra, told our second of ESO students about how to surf the internet safely, highlighting the benefits of a healthy use of social networks and their side effects.

 Dinar de temàtica americana per alumnes i professors

This academic year, the school kitchen service will offer three themed lunches. On Wednesday 12th December,  our teachers, and our first of primary students and families enjoyed a tipically American lunch.

 Sessió sobre Pompeu Fabra per 3r ESO

On Thursday Catalan philologist Jordi Manent gave a lecture to our 3rd of ESO students about the the figure of Pompeu Fabra, entitled "Pompeu Fabra: a magnificent linguist and a civic-minded man"

 La presidenta d’Harambee explica el Projecte CHEP a l’ESO

Last Wednesday our ESO students were introduced to the CHEP (Child Health Education Program) Project that the Kianda Foundation is implementing in Kenia. The session was conducted by Harambee President, the institution that launches the project in Spain. 

Gran Recapte d'Aliments amb alumnes d'ESO2

This Friday a group of ESO2 students have participated as volunteers in the Food Collection campaign organized by the Food Bank.

Setmana d'Erasmus+ a Bell-lloc

During this week the school has welcomed a group of teachers and students from schools in Portugal, Italy and Poland, who have spent some days working and sharing experiences with the third of ESO students who were accepted in the Erasmus + Program. 

Acte de renovació dels membres dels Consells de Participació d’Infants i Adolescents de  Girona

The Renewal Act of Girona's Children and Teenagers Council was held last November 20th. This year the new Bell-lloc representatives are Marc Ariño from 1st of ESO and Mateu Nogués from fifth of primary

 El Pla d’excel·lència d’ESO2 a la muralla

On Tuesdady ESO2 Excellence Plan Students visited Girona's Walls, enlightened by the scholarly explanations of Mr Eudald Vilas, one of the school's history teachers.


Setmana Erasmus+ a Bell-lloc

Mr. Eduard Berloso Ferrer, First Deputy Major of Girona Town Council, welcomed at the Plenary Hall the participants of the first Robopreneur mobility, from the Bell-lloc Erasmus Plus project.

 Sessió de Burlington Books a l’ESO

On Thursday our ESO Excellence Plan students enjoyed an English session organized by Burlington Books on several aspects related to English history and culture

 Sessió sobre el B!Caràcter al professorat

Mr. Txema Simón, deputy director and head of formation at Bell-lloc, gave a lecture on "Educational Coaching Tools for Individual Tutorial Sessions", as a part of the B!Caràcter Formation Plan. 

 Cinefòrum amb el Pla d’Excel·lència de 2n d’ESO

Second of ESO Students who take part in the Excellence Plan have watched and debated over "The Truman Show" film. 

 L'Ajuntament de Girona explica què és el Consell d'Adolescents de Girona

Girona's Town Hall representative gave a lecture on Girona's Teenage Council, how it works and who its representatives are.  

 Alumnes Plexs d’ESO2 a Giropoma

ESO2 Excellence Plan students spent their morning school time at Giropoma to find out how a food company operates on a daily basis

 Visita de 3r ESO a TV3

Third of ESO students visited TV3 television studios and facilities and they were able to see first-hand how televisions generate and broadcast content.

 Representants de Bell-lloc per al Consell d’Adolescents de Girona

Marc Ariño Darnés from 1st of ESO C and Oriol Solé Figa from 2nd of ESO C are the school's representatives at Girona's Teenage Council this academic year. The Teenage Council is a body managed by Girona's Town Council. 

Sortides culturals del 1r trimestre

Last Thursday all Bell-lloc students went on a Cultural Outing to several corners of Catalan geography to learn about academic aspects from a more practical and friendly perspective.

 Curs de recés a 4t d’ESO

This week some 4th of ESO students will be attending a spiritual retreat in Rocacorba, where they will have the opportunity to grow in their Christian faith.

Entrega de Diplomes d'anglès de Cambridge

Ms. Adele Titford, Center Exams Manager of Cambridge at the University of Girona, Mr. Enric Vidal Rodà, Director of Studies and Mr. Eduard Cuadrado Pere, Head of the Foreign Languages Department, handed over the Cambridge English Certificates to primary and secondary school students.

 Formació a l'Institut Français de Barcelona

Mr. Oscar Lorente Martínez attended a training session at the Institut Français de Barcelona on Friday, October 19th, in order to acquire new skills for the preparation of the students for the official DELF exams.

 Comencen els càstings per trobar les veus del Musical 2019

Primary and secondary students who wish to sing in this year's Musical are showing up for the auditions. Students prepare one or two songs and sing them in the presence of the Musical Directors.

 Els alumnes d’ESO2 fan un Booktràiler

Throughout this week ESO2 students are creating Book Trailer activities inspired in the set reader in Spanish that they chose and have been reading during the first month of the academic year. 

B!Caràcter, l'amabilitat

Mr. Joan Antoni González, primary teacher at Bell-lloc, explains the concept of kindness and how parents can live out this virtue at home.

Convivència a Torreciutat amb els alumnes de 1r d'ESO

1st of ESO students spent a few days in "El Poblado", a residential area near the Sanctuary of Torreciudad. The days spent together, besides having lots of fun, helped them to bond and thrive.

 Els alumnes de 3r ESO comencen a presentar les Apps creades per a la Europe Code Week

Third of ESO students who are taking the BAE (Be An Entrepreneur) subject are showing the apps they have created to respond to the challenge posed by the Europe Code Week.

B!Caràcter: Amabilitat

Fr. Josep Maria Rovira, head of ESO1 Chaplaincy, reveals to us the three key words that Pope Francis recommends using in order to live out the virtue of kindness within the family; kindness is the competence that we are working on this month in the B!Caràcter project. 

 Sessió de vendes a 4t d’ESO

Mr. Gerard Vieytes, sales manager at Suzuki - Esteve Blanch gave a lecture to our 4th of ESO students on the impact of linguistic resources and the Protocol on car selling. 


 Els alumnes de 3r ESO a les Germanetes dels Pobres

As we have been doing for several years, third of ESO students visit the Sisters of the Poor once a week to serve lunch to the residents and engage in a pleasant conversation with them. 

Nous Cursos d'Orientació Familiar

Boost your parenting skills! FERT Association, Les Alzines and Bell-lloc launch Family Enrichment Programs for the next academic year 2018-19. All the information about the courses is available here. 

 Els creadors de Sygnall expliquen la seva experiència internacional als alumnes d’ESO2

The second of batxillerat students who set up the Sygnall company in 4th of ESO told the ESO2 students who take part in the Excellence Programme about their international entrepreneurial experiences

 Sessió d’oratòria per a 4t d’ESO

Former student Long Li gave a lecture on public speaking to 4th of ESO students, within the Linguamat project. During his talk he told students about the key aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication in order to deliver a successful presentation in public. 

 Sessió d’en Josep Maria Puig als alumnes de 3r ESO

TV3 journalist Josep Maria Puig gave a lecture on journalism to our 3rd of ESO students.

Treballs de Síntesi Bell-lloc

Next week all secondary students will devote all their school time to their Capstone Project.

Projecte PCYCLE a la fira de Viena

4th of ESO students Pere Cornellà, Nacho Rubio and Quim Vargas have participated and been awarded for their project presented in the Vienna JA Marketplace, organized by Junior Achievement.

Educant de Cara al Futur

On 2nd and 3rd March 2018 our families will have a new opportunity to rekindle the passion in their marriages thanks to the inspiring lectures that will be held in the Parenting for the Future course, delivered by two leading experts in the field of family and marriage.

Irlanda Bell-lloc

Nine Bell-lloc students are spending five weeks in Ireland on a language immersion programme to improve their English skills.

 Presentació del Projecte interdisciplinar “Rome”

ESO 1st year students tell Primary 5 students about Ancient Rome.

Jornada de Portes Obertes

We are once again opening our doors and grounds to parents and children for our whole school open day on Saturday 3rd February at 11.30.  As you all know, this is a wonderful opportunity to show the school to your friends.

Auxiliars de conversa

During the academic year 2017/18 our English Teaching Programme wil continue to be enriched by the aid of English-speaking Language Assistants.

Bon Nadal 2017

Everybody at Bell-lloc wishes you a Merry and Holy Christmas. We hope you enjoy your holidays and we will be looking forward to seeing you again at school on 8th January.

Projecte Català ESO1

This academic year, our Language Department sets in motion a series of projects in order to improve speaking and writing skills in Catalan among 1st and 2nd students.

Parlem-ne sobre assertivitat a 4t d'ESO

4th of ESO students turn out to Parlem-ne sessions given by Mr Frank Bayer Alzina.

Convivència Torreciutat 1rESO

Our 1st of ESO students, accompanied by their teachers, spend some team-building days out near Torreciudad Sanctuary.


Long Li, who is now studying 2nd of Batxillerat, performed a training session to 4th of ESO students last Friday on how to give a speech in public. This activity is included in the subject of LinguaMat.


The first parent-teacher conferences of the present academic course will be held on Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th October at 20:30h. Further information may be found in the documents attached hereby.


This week 3rd and 4th of ESO students have been introduced to the Academic Excellence Programme. Students will leave their ordinary classroms two hours a week to embark on a variety of exciting projects.


The 3rd and 4th of ESO students who throughout this course take part in the Vocational Training Project have attended a training course organized by the Local Empoyment Service, where the academic year has been inaugurated.


4th of ESO students have been working in class on Romance del enamorado y la muerte, a piece of medieval origin which has been set to music by songwriters like Victor Jara, among others. The aim of the activity is to make a short film based upon it.

Lectura ESO1

The school has made available to 1st and 2nd of ESO students a new book lending service with a view to promoting reading habits and fostering a better command of the language.

Matemàtiques ESO1

At one of the four weekly hours students will be streamed into smaller groups in order to reinforce, consolidate and improve their mathematical skills. Furthermore, students not opting for a second foreign language will be offered an extra maths lesson each week.


3rd and 4th of ESO students have been introduced to the Linguamat project, an inspiring subject in which they will be developing several projects throught the course to enhance their linguistic and mathematical skills.


This week 4th of ESO students have been invited to take part in the Erasmus+ exchange programme that will be held in Norway in november and in France in spring.

Sygnall a la competició de la fase europea de la Junior Achievement a Brussel·les

The students of the Sygnall team that won the state competition are presenting their project to the European phase in Brussels.


Two Bell-lloc students have been awarded at the 37th edition of theTown Hall's Jocs Florals Literary Competiton in Girona: Marc Boadas Hereu, a student in grade 6th of primary school, and Alex Soriano, an ESO-4 student. Both have won a prize in the non-fiction category. The theme this year was "Girona, a welcoming land". Marc collected his prize last Friday 26th May, and Àlex on the 31st of May.

Bell-lloc has delivered food collected for the Festivity of the Blessed Álvaro del Portillo, which was celebrated on 12 May at Caritas Diocesana in Girona. The blessed Álvaro del Portillo promoted social initiatives around the world, especially in Africa. 

On Friday, the 12th May, thirteen students were award-winners at the Artistic and Literary Contest of the UNESCO Friends in Girona. The award ceremony took place at the Aula Magna in the city’s Cultural Centre, ‘La Casa de Cultura’. The topic this year’s competition was: “Ways, Paths, Routes and Tracks...”  

Cicle de conferències CRISTIANISME AL SEGLE XXI

From Thursday 16 March will begin a series of conferences around the theme of Christianity. Jesus Christ, faith is something reasonable ?, the Church in today's world, the figure of St. Josemaría, are among the topics to be discussed.