Premi al Millor Projecte en Xarxa, Premis RED 2019 a Barcelona

On Thursday 13 June the delivery of the Junior Report RED 2019 Awards took place. The Digital Magazine Bell-lloc Report was awarded with the Microsoft Award for Best Coordinated Network Project. Congratulations!

Curs d’immersió 2n batxillerat

The students of 2nd high school, on May 29, went to Cala Montgó (l'Escala) to do the second part of the diving course that started the previous course, in technical and professional collaboration with Orca Diving Center .

Els alumnes de 2n de batxillerat, el passat 29 de maig, van anar a Cala Montgó (l'Escala) a fer la segona part del curs de submarinisme que varen iniciar el curs anterior, en col·laboració tècnica i professional amb Orca Diving Center.

Pla d'Igualtat a l'ESO i Batxillerat

During this third quarter we are implementing the new Equality Plan for Secondary and Baccalaureate that has been developed in collaboration with the European Association of Differentiated Education (EASSE).

En Lluc Aresté Saló, de 2n de batxillerat, guanya un dels Premis dels Jocs Florals de l’Ajuntament de Girona, El professor, David Pagès i Cassú, a la recollida de premis

In Lluc Aresté Saló, of 2nd year baccalaureate, he wins one of the Floral Games Prizes of the Girona City Council. The event took place last Thursday, May 30, at the Hall of the Municipal Theater of the same city.

Entrega taló Open Arms,  Open Arms visita el col·legi

Patricia, volunteer of the Open Arms Foundation, explained the work that Open Arms does as an NGO in the Mediterranean Sea and the difficulties they face. The students gave him the money collected for this entity with the Solidarity Project and row 0 of the musical.

Albert Sentís Beneset i Meritxell Vaquero, protagonistes del musical Shackleton

The audience of what is now the 4th musical of Bell-lloc was captivated by the staging and many emotions. The success of Shackleton is the result of the work of the entire school throughout the school year. We present you some photos of the days before the opening day taken by the student Oriol Cortina Reixach.

L’Andreu Úbeda Subias recollint el premi

On Monday, May 13, Andreu Úbeda Subias, the 2nd B high school student, won the 1st prize in the language section of the 6th edition of the FilCat-UB contest organized by the Department of Catalan Language and General Linguistics of the University of Barcelona.

Quim Planas Puig a la Final Nacional

Quim Planas Puig obtained the second best qualification of the Local Phase of the Economics Olympiad, which will represent the UdG in the National Final of the event.

In Raimon Pons Puiggrós, of 2nd year baccalaureate, he obtained an access to the 18th Albert Comte Award for research projects in humanities and social sciences organized by the Institute of Empordà Studies.

3r de primària: Ermita El Guilar d’Argelaguer

Last Friday, May 10th, the last cultural and romería excursions of the course took place in different places of the Catalan geography. Check the photographs for courses, below.

XIX Premi Solidaritat Xavier Fàbrega

Once the deadline for the presentation of works for the 19th Solidarity Prize Xavier Fàbrega has been completed, the awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 2/4 at 8 pm at the EspaiCaixa Auditorium located at Plaça Poeta Marquina, 11, 17002 Girona.

Tina Gorina al Dones d'Impacte

Today at Bell-lloc we have had the third session of the series of conferences Women of Impact with the Tina Gorina Faz, soprano soloist of international projection. He has sung in renowned venues such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona and others from all over the world. More information and video, below.

Formació en Competències Bàsiques

The heads of the departments of the different curricular areas of the school performed a basic skills training by Cristina Mudarra Pons.

Festa de Comiat Batxillerat 2019

The current promotion of students who attended 2nd year baccalaureate had their Feast of Fame last Sunday, the 28th of April. The photographs of the event, below.

Xavier de Bolós i Pol Martí

In the current edition of the Kangaroo Tests 2019 in Xavier de Bolós Palomino and in Pol Martí Cárdenas of 2nd and 3rd ESO, respectively, are among the top twelve classified in a total of almost one hundred and twenty five thousand students presented to the tests.

Beques d'Honor a FERT i Les Alzines, Beca d'Honor a Les Alzines, Beca d'Honor a FERT

This year's Baccalaureate Promotion has awarded the Honor grants to Institución Les Alzines and the FERT Association for its great educational work and the close collaboration of these institutions with the school.

Jocs Florals Bell-lloc 2019, Guanyadors de 1r de primària, Guanyadors de 2n de primària, Guanyadors de 3r de primària, Guanyadors de 4t de primària, Guanyadors de 5è i 6è de primària,  Guanyadors d'ESO2, Guanyadors d'ESO1,  Guanyadors de Batxillerat

As every year, the Department of Languages of the College organizes Floral Games during the Sant Jordi Day, where all the students of Bell-lloc present their literary compositions. You can find the photographs of the winners here.

Alumnes de Batxillerat treballant la corresponsabilitat a la família

At Bell-lloc we are implementing an Equality Education Plan with a set of activities and initiatives that aim to recognize and value the dignity and uniqueness of each person.

Miquel Puig Turón

Miquel Puig Turón, a student of 2nd year high school, he is in the position of 12th in the Phase of the Physics Olympiad. Congratulations!

Acte Acadèmic Batxillerat

Next Sunday, April 28th, there will be the graduation party and farewell to Bell-lloc of the promotion of this year's baccalaureate.

Eduard Cuadrado a la sessió

Mr. Eduard Cuadrado attended the Oxford Test of English for Examinator Centers update course, which took place at Casa de Convalescència (UAB), Barcelona, on April 3.

L'Álex recollint el premi

Àlex Soriano, a 2nd year high school student, received for the second consecutive year the 1st Sambori Prize in the category of baccalaureate. The award ceremony took place on March 27 at the Municipal Theater of Girona.

Taula rodona amb 4t d’ESO

The students of 4th of ESO have had a session with classmates who are taking different types of Baccalaureate.

Laia Ramió Tomàs, La Laia en un instant de la ponència

Today at Bell-lloc we have inaugurated the conference series Dones d'Impacte with Laia Ramió Tomás, aerospace engineer and former student of Les Alzines.

Examen "Cambridge Advanced in English"

On 22 and 23 March, nine Bell-lloc students took the "Cambridge Advanced in English" (CAE) exam at the Technological Park of the University of Girona.

 Dos alumnes de batxillerat a la Fase Espanyola

Lluc Aresté Saló and Miquel Puig Turón are the students of 2nd year of high school that will represent Catalonia in the Spanish Phase of the Chemistry and Physics Olympics.

 Conferència del Sr. Jose Maria Contreras sobre sentiments, amor i sexualitat.

Mr. Contreras, with extensive experience in personal and business advice, talks with high school students about feelings, love and sexuality.

Coordinador Batxillerat Internacional

Mr. Manel Juny attended the annual meeting of coordinators of the diploma program of the International Baccalaureate of the centers of Catalonia and Andorra.

Classificats a la Final Nacional del Young Business Talent

The team called "Jimp Company" has classified for the Young Business Talent Regional Phase, and will participate in the Final National, which will take place in Madrid on April 5th

Cicle de Conferències: Dones d’Impacte

"Women of Impact" is a Seminar which belongs to the school Equality Plan. Women who excel in their professional fields will tell our students about the difficulties that they have had to overcome throughout their careers just because they are women. 

Sortides Culturals

Last Wednesday all Bell-lloc students went on a Cultural Outing to several corners of Catalan geography to learn about academic aspects from a more practical and friendly perspective.

Fist of batxillerat Scientific students took part in a practical materials resistance workshop. 

Fist of batxillerat Social Science students attended a practical workshop on the stock exchange.

First of Batxillerat students worked on Chemistry concepts using a hands-on approach at the UdG learning activities.

 Campanya d'Apadrinaments de Pingüins,  Campanya d'Apadrinaments de Pingüins

From the organization of the Musical we encourage you to sponsor an Antarctic penguin, a gesture that represents your will and commitment to take care of the environment. It is free and you will be helping in the fight against cancer.

Educant de cara al futur 2019

Next 22nd and 23rd of February Les Alzines and Bell-lloc will offer a new Parenting Course. This year, the course will revolve around Marriage and Love. The sessions will be taught by Dr. Nieves González Rico, a sexologist specialized in Natural Family Planning. 

 Shackleton, el Musical

This year's Musical will be based on the true story of British explorer Shackleton, and his failed expedition to Antarctica at the beginning of the 20th century.

Xerrada Mossos d'Esquadra als alumnes de batxillerat

Computer Security Experts from the Mossos d'Esquadra teach 1st of baccalaureate students how to use new tecnhologies safely. 

 Bones i Santes Festes de Nadal

Bell-lloc wishes you all a Happy and Holy Christmas. May you enjoy the holidays in the company of your loved ones. See you all back on the 8th January!

 Dinar de temàtica americana per alumnes i professors

This academic year, the school kitchen service will offer three themed lunches. On Wednesday 12th December,  our teachers, and our first of primary students and families enjoyed a tipically American lunch.

The students of 1º of baccalaureate attend the FAPEL University Day, wich is focused to approach to the students of baccalaureate the different university options. The event was held at the Girona Conference Center.

 Àlex Soriano participa a la cloenda del projecte “Bojos per la Física”

After more than a year of work with a group of high school students from all over Catalonia, the 2018 edition of Locos por la Física is closed. Promote scientific vocations among young people is the aim for this event.

Sr. Scott Wishart, professor de la Facultad de la Universidad de Navarra

As a part of the University Guidance Plan for our Batxillerat students, today Mr. Scott Wishcart, teacher at the School of Law of the Universidad de Navarra, gave a lecture to our students.


Sortides culturals del 1r trimestre

Last Thursday all Bell-lloc students went on a Cultural Outing to several corners of Catalan geography to learn about academic aspects from a more practical and friendly perspective.

 Els alumnes del Consell de Curs de 1r de Batxillerat visiten la UIC

1st of Baccalaureate Class Council Students visited The International University of Catalonia to attend a Leadership Training Session.

B!Caràcter, l'amabilitat

Mr. Joan Antoni González, primary teacher at Bell-lloc, explains the concept of kindness and how parents can live out this virtue at home.

B!Caràcter: Amabilitat

Fr. Josep Maria Rovira, head of ESO1 Chaplaincy, reveals to us the three key words that Pope Francis recommends using in order to live out the virtue of kindness within the family; kindness is the competence that we are working on this month in the B!Caràcter project. 

Nous Cursos d'Orientació Familiar

Boost your parenting skills! FERT Association, Les Alzines and Bell-lloc launch Family Enrichment Programs for the next academic year 2018-19. All the information about the courses is available here. 

Educant de Cara al Futur

On 2nd and 3rd March 2018 our families will have a new opportunity to rekindle the passion in their marriages thanks to the inspiring lectures that will be held in the Parenting for the Future course, delivered by two leading experts in the field of family and marriage.

Jornada de Portes Obertes

We are once again opening our doors and grounds to parents and children for our whole school open day on Saturday 3rd February at 11.30.  As you all know, this is a wonderful opportunity to show the school to your friends.

Aleix Torras

Aleix Torres Camps, a student in his second year of batxillerat, has qualified for the second consecutive year for the Spanish competition of the Math Olympiad after winning a second prize in the Catalan competition.

Bon Nadal 2017

Everybody at Bell-lloc wishes you a Merry and Holy Christmas. We hope you enjoy your holidays and we will be looking forward to seeing you again at school on 8th January.


The first parent-teacher conferences of the present academic course will be held on Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th October at 20:30h. Further information may be found in the documents attached hereby.

Aleix Santamarina Duran and Ignasi Caireta Serra, of the 2nd Baccalaureate course, have been two of the three students selected to represent the UdG (the University of Girona) at the state-level final of the Economy Olympics, which will be celebrated on  26, 27 and 28 June at Cordoba University.

Bell-lloc has delivered food collected for the Festivity of the Blessed Álvaro del Portillo, which was celebrated on 12 May at Caritas Diocesana in Girona. The blessed Álvaro del Portillo promoted social initiatives around the world, especially in Africa. 

On Friday, the 12th May, thirteen students were award-winners at the Artistic and Literary Contest of the UNESCO Friends in Girona. The award ceremony took place at the Aula Magna in the city’s Cultural Centre, ‘La Casa de Cultura’. The topic this year’s competition was: “Ways, Paths, Routes and Tracks...”  

On Sunday 14 May, a group of high school students from 1st, volunteers were made on the 6th Race Walk Solidarity Gavarres organized by the Foundation Astrid21.

Cicle de conferències CRISTIANISME AL SEGLE XXI

From Thursday 16 March will begin a series of conferences around the theme of Christianity. Jesus Christ, faith is something reasonable ?, the Church in today's world, the figure of St. Josemaría, are among the topics to be discussed.