Educant de Cara al Futur 2020

"Happiness is about living healthy in the present, overcoming the wounds of the past and looking forward to the future", Dra. Marian Rojas Estapé internationally recognized psychiatrist and next speaker of this year's parenting course.

Donació de Sang Bell-lloc

Next Friday, January 24, the students of 6th grade will collaborate with the Blood and Tissue Bank of Girona, launching a Blood Donation campaign at the School.

Oxford Test of English

Bell-lloc is an exam Centre for the Oxford Test of English. The Oxford Test of English is a proficiency test in general English adaptable with any computer. Developed by Oxford University Press and certified by the University of Oxford, it is more flexible, cost effective and faster than traditional knowledge tests.

Festa de Nadal

Bell-lloc wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy family time and see you on your return next Wednesday, January 8th. Below you will find the pictures of the Christmas Party of the school.

Forfait Mama

This year the school's Christmas campaign will support the Ebale - Forfait Mama Project, which plans to send help to pregnant women to cover the expenses derived from their future motherhood.

La Petita Coral de Bell-lloc, una activitat extraescolar d'èxit

Research has shown for some time that singing in a choir has tremendous benefits for physical and mental well-being. Joining a choir can strengthen the feeling of togetherness: it can also reduce the levels of stress and depression, and even regulate heart rate.

Jornada Handbol al Pavelló de Bell-lloc

Next Sunday, November 24 from 4 pm, will take place in the sports hall of Bell-lloc the 1st Handball Day. That day the school will host the training of the Handball Catalan Selection in the Child category.

Cartell 41a Cursa Carrer Nou Girona

Next Sunday 20th October you are invited to run with Bell-lloc at the 41st edition of the Carrer Nou Race, a sporting and recreational event for all ages.

Pàdel Solidari 2019

Bell-lloc Alumni Association and Bell-lloc Parent Association organise the Sixth Edition of the Solidarity Paddle Tournament, which will take place on Sunday 17th November at the Pàdel Indoor Girona premises. See below for enrolment details. 

Cambridge 2019

Mr. Tom Wogan, Ms Adele Titford and Mr. Eduard Cuadrado delivered the Cambridge Certificates to over 100 Bell-lloc students who passed them during the past academic year.

 Rutina de pensament: Mirar/Escoltar/Llegir

"See, Listen and Read" is a thinking routine to gain a deeper undestanding of curricular aspects.

Els alumnes Javier Serrano Cerdà i Arnau Clota Font, Els alumnes Javier Serrano Cerdà i Arnau Clota Font

Our students Javier Serrano Cerdà and Arnau Clota Fuente, from 6th of Primary, took part in the Fast Chess Competition that was held in Sarrià de Ter.

Extraescolar de piano

Our new extracurricular activities are underway. They take place during the midday break, and are targeted to all the students from 1st of primary to 4rth of ESO.

Afany d’aprendre

This year, our Character Formation Program starts out by working on the strength Eager to Learn: "I surround myself with  healthy relationships and I embrace the advice I receive from adults and in one-on-one tutorials"

Professors nadius del curs 2019/20

Our new language assistants have already arrived at the school: the American teachers Greg and Cooper, and Alexander. Mr. Eduard Cuadrado, head of the Foreign Languages Deparment, welcomed them at the school.

Extraescolar de mecanografia

In the extracurricular typing classes our students learn how to type in a recreational way, by using a software that allows each student to learn at their own pace

Els Àngels Custodis a primària, 2 d'octubre, Festa dels Àngles Custodis

Today we are in the mood for celebration! Every October 2nd our school celebrates the Feast of the Guardian Angels, the patron saints of Bell-lloc, with the traditional hot chocolate for all our students.

Reunió de pares del 2n trimestre

Next week we are having the first Parent-Teacher Conferences of the academic year. These meetings are a good opportunity to get to know your son's tutor and the rest of his teachers

 Captem la idea clau del contingut

"The Headline" is a thinking routine aimed at capturing the essence of a text, recording, oral presentation, film, life experience, etc.., ie, to get an in-depth learning about the contents covered in class.

El titular a primària

This week we carry on implementing the VESS framesork. Our Primary 4 students Isaac Pla Ausellé and Saveliy Birca tell us about the headline thinking routine they have used to work on a text about bees.

Festa Major 2019, Festa Major de Bell-lloc 2019

During the last week of the school year, students from 1st to 4th year of primary school have completed the "Festa Major" project. This activity, transversal and interdisciplinary, is a work where students learn and enjoy in a global way. Below you will find the photo album.

Paper Wings Competition, 1r de primària, 2n de primària, 3r de primària, 4t de primària

During this week, the Paper Wings Competition took place. This contest has become a tradition in the events of the main festival of the end of the primary school year. The list of winners, below.

Equip Aleví de Bell-lloc

The Bell-lloc football team receives the trophy for the best league team from the league at the Ciutat Esportiva de Blanes. Congratulations!

Activitats Extraescolars 2019/20

As of the next 2019/20 course, there is a wide range of extra-curricular educational activities. Below you can find more information, application and deadlines for registration of these modules.

A la dreta, en Pol (1r classificat); i a l'esquerra, l'Arnau (4t classificat)

Pol Rufí Peris is proclaimed National Champion of 2nd grade (1st position) of the National Phase of the Mental Computation Championship in Madrid; and Arnau Rufí Peris is still in fourth position also at the Spanish level. Congratulations

 Exàmens de Cambridge a primària

On May 27th, 28th and 29th, English examinations with Cambridge Certificates corresponding to Starters, Movers and Flyers were held in Bell-lloc.

Formació Internacional per a professors

During this summer the professors Mr. Raül López Santos, Mr. Pep Navarro Novell, Mr. Toni Riera Pérez and Mr. Àlex Valera Ruiz will participate in Erasmus+ conferences in Ireland, Croatia and Italy, respectively, during this month of July.

Concurs Bíblic

On the 1st of June, the diplomas and participation prizes were given to the students of Primary School that participated in the 34th Bible Contest. The students received a practical pocketbook of prayers.

Torneig Solidari

On Sunday, the youngest students of the soccer school participated in their first tournament. A solidarity competition where a food collection was carried out for the Food Bank of the Municipality of Vilobí.

 Alumnes de 5è a l’antic Egipte

The students of the 5th grade Primary Excellence Plan made a guided visit to the exhibition "Pharaoh", organized by the Caixa Forum of Girona.

 Taller de menjar saludable per als alumnes de 2n de primària. ,  Taller de menjar saludable per als alumnes de 2n de primària.

From Casa Ametller, they went to the 2nd grade to give us a workshop consisting of two sessions explaining the importance of bringing healthy eating habits.

Albert Sentís Beneset i Meritxell Vaquero, protagonistes del musical Shackleton

The audience of what is now the 4th musical of Bell-lloc was captivated by the staging and many emotions. The success of Shackleton is the result of the work of the entire school throughout the school year. We present you some photos of the days before the opening day taken by the student Oriol Cortina Reixach.

L’aleví A és campió de lliga

The Bell-lloc's alevino A football team has been proclaimed league champion although there are still two days left to play. Congratulations for the excellent season.

Guillem Verdú Matas

In the current edition of the 2019 Kangaroo Primary Probes in Guillem Verdú Matas, for the sixth year, it has been classified among the fifteen best of a total of more than fifteen thousand students from all of Catalonia presented in the tests. Congratulations!

3r de primària: Ermita El Guilar d’Argelaguer

Last Friday, May 10th, the last cultural and romería excursions of the course took place in different places of the Catalan geography. Check the photographs for courses, below.

XIX Premi Solidaritat Xavier Fàbrega

Once the deadline for the presentation of works for the 19th Solidarity Prize Xavier Fàbrega has been completed, the awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 2/4 at 8 pm at the EspaiCaixa Auditorium located at Plaça Poeta Marquina, 11, 17002 Girona.

Fotografia amb la Sra. Marta Madrenas, alcaldessa de Girona

This year the primary school participates in Girona Temps de Flors! We begin by decorating our sculpture, which you can visit nearby on the Nou Street of the city.

Formació en Competències Bàsiques

The heads of the departments of the different curricular areas of the school performed a basic skills training by Cristina Mudarra Pons.

Equip Classificat de "La pandilla" de sisè de primària

Last Saturday, May the 4th, the Provincial of the Robocat Provincial Phase took place. More than thirty teams from all parts of the province attended a festive and competitive event at the school's facilities.

 Projecte: Cuidem amb salut el cos

Mr. Joan Pòrtulas, a secondary school teacher, teaches 4th grade students to teach and explain the cell as an initial project talk: "We care for the body health".

Xavier de Bolós i Pol Martí

In the current edition of the Kangaroo Tests 2019 in Xavier de Bolós Palomino and in Pol Martí Cárdenas of 2nd and 3rd ESO, respectively, are among the top twelve classified in a total of almost one hundred and twenty five thousand students presented to the tests.

 Imposició de l’escapulari

On Friday, May 26, he had the act of imposing the escapulary to students that this year will make the First Communion.

Jocs Florals Bell-lloc 2019, Guanyadors de 1r de primària, Guanyadors de 2n de primària, Guanyadors de 3r de primària, Guanyadors de 4t de primària, Guanyadors de 5è i 6è de primària,  Guanyadors d'ESO2, Guanyadors d'ESO1,  Guanyadors de Batxillerat

As every year, the Department of Languages of the College organizes Floral Games during the Sant Jordi Day, where all the students of Bell-lloc present their literary compositions. You can find the photographs of the winners here.

Educació en salut dental

Mr. Aniol Cañada, a dentist at the CAP of Can Gibert del Pla, has given a dental hygiene workshop to third grade primary school.

Cursa Esports Parra Girona

A total of 160 students took part in the 22nd Sports-Parra Race in Girona, which is why Bell-lloc again wins the prize at the school with more participants.

 XV Certamen de Lectura en veu alta

Dani Cuadrado Ramió, in the category of "Grumets Vermells", and Martí Domènech Carbonés, in the category of "Grumets Verds", they exhibit a large reading level in the Girona phase of Reading Contest aloud.

22a Cursa Esports Parra Girona, Cursa d'Esports Parra

Open the registration period for the 22nd Esports-Parra Girona Race until next Thursday, April 4. The contest will take place next Sunday, April 7 in the morning.

 Compartim l’aprenentatge amb els pares de 2n de Primària

The students of 2nd grade of primary school shared with mothers and fathers the Project "La vivienda" and explained to their families how and what they have learned about housing and its history.

Spelling Bee Competition 2019

Oriol Fornells, Guillem Baena and Marc Carreras, 2nd, 4th and 6th grade respectively, have been selected to participate in the Spelling Bee Competition 2019, organized by the UdG Foundation.

Petita Coral

During these last days the children of the Little Coral have been rehearsing and recording the song that has the title "Dando la cara por ti", song that we have been asked from the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer).

 Classificats per al XV Certamen Nacional de Lectura en Veu alta, Els Classificats Daniel i Guillem

4th grade students Daniel Cuadrado and Guillem Baena have been the finalists who have qualified in the Provincial Phase of Girona of the XV National Contest of Reading in High Voice.

VII Diada Escolar de les Matemàtiques

On Thursday, March 21 we celebrated the 7th Day of Mathematics at school. This is an activity that involves all the primary students and that makes the children enjoy this area of knowledge.

Dia del Pare a Bell-lloc

Bell-lloc is a school of families. For this reason, Father's Day is prepared in primary school with great enthusiasm, elaborating a small gift for their parents.

 Explorant els Mars del Sud: Inventem el nostre vaixell

4th Primary students have tried to overcome the first challenge posed: Building a ship with materials while trying to get in the water. To do this, we had the help of the Tivo Creativo platform.

El Sr. Bisbe de Girona amb els de 3r d'ESO, El Sr. Bisbe de Girona amb els de 2n i 3r de primària

The Bishop of Girona, Mons. Francesc Pardo Artigas, had a talk with the students of 2nd and 3rd year of primary school, and with those of 3rd year of ESO.

Metodologia VESS

Putting toghether all the foundations that children need during the most crucial neurological stage in their lives is one of the aims of VESS methodology, which also incorporates psychomotricity

 Bell-lloc Report, la Revista Digital de Bell-lloc

The Digital Magazine Bell-lloc Report of La Vanguardia is already a reality. This project is promoted from the school by the students of 4th ESO within the elective subject of Communication.


Sortides Culturals

Last Wednesday all Bell-lloc students went on a Cultural Outing to several corners of Catalan geography to learn about academic aspects from a more practical and friendly perspective.

 Campanya d'Apadrinaments de Pingüins,  Campanya d'Apadrinaments de Pingüins

From the organization of the Musical we encourage you to sponsor an Antarctic penguin, a gesture that represents your will and commitment to take care of the environment. It is free and you will be helping in the fight against cancer.

 Pla lector a 3r de primària

Our third of Primary pupils share the reading books with their classmates, within the Reading Plan that we have started this academic course. 

 Les plantes de Bell-lloc

"The Plants or our School", the latest Natural Science project, has allowed third of primary pupils to get to know the plant variety that we have at the school through an educational and dynamic activity. 

 Els bons hàbits, també a taula.

"Good Maners, also at the Table!" is a fourth of primary project with the collaboration of some first and second of ESO students. The project stems from the need to improve patters of behaviour, whether they are at school, at home or anywhere else. 

Educant de cara al futur 2019

Next 22nd and 23rd of February Les Alzines and Bell-lloc will offer a new Parenting Course. This year, the course will revolve around Marriage and Love. The sessions will be taught by Dr. Nieves González Rico, a sexologist specialized in Natural Family Planning. 

Reunió de pares del 2n trimestre

Next Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st January the school will hold the second-term Parent-Teacher Conferences, which are due to start at 20.30. pm. 

Competició interna de Robòtica

Last Thursday 24th Bell-lloc held the preliminary phase of the MICRO First Lego League Competition, to decide which teams will represent our school in the competition which will take place on 2nd February, organized by the UdG Politècnica

Primera Comunió

The third of Primary students who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion enjoyed their first Cathechetical Mass at the school oratory.

 Shackleton, el Musical

This year's Musical will be based on the true story of British explorer Shackleton, and his failed expedition to Antarctica at the beginning of the 20th century.

 Bones i Santes Festes de Nadal

Bell-lloc wishes you all a Happy and Holy Christmas. May you enjoy the holidays in the company of your loved ones. See you all back on the 8th January!

 Assessorament LEGO Robotix

Throughout the term our Primary pupils have been working on several aspects of Mathematics skills using the "LEGO, Simple Machines Set". Mr David Perezs-Dolz, a member of the LEGO Education Team, visited our school and gave a training seminar to our teachers. 

 Primers classificats en la competició de Càlcul Mental

This month of November, the A-class of First or Primary was classified in the first position of the Spanish Mental Arithmetic Contest that Didakids organises monthly. Congratulations to the winners!

Concurs de fotografia Un tomb pel camí de ronda.

Last Monday 3rd December our students were awarded the prizes of the 7th Photo Competition entitled "A walk across the sidecoast footpath", aimed at 3rd of Primary pupils. 

 Lectura comentada a primària

In order to enhance our students' literacy skills, over the past years we have devoted a weekly hour to Read and Comment texts, stories and books throughout the primary years. 

 Dinar de temàtica americana per alumnes i professors

This academic year, the school kitchen service will offer three themed lunches. On Wednesday 12th December,  our teachers, and our first of primary students and families enjoyed a tipically American lunch.

 Reciclar, reutilitzar i reduir amb VESS

This year the students of first grade have begun to work with the VESS method a project on recycling related to their cultural outings.

 Els alumnes de 4tPRI dissenyen i elaboren el seu propi invent

The 4th grade students work cooperatively in teams the "We are Inventors!" Project. They think, plan and elaborate a prototype of some invention that can be used in daily life.

 Revisió audiomètrica a primer de primària.

Many factors are involved in the education of our pupils, the senses of hearing and seeing playing a major role. This is why after the Eye Chart Tests our students will take audiometric tests.


 Formació ”Com s’educa el talent emprenedor”

This week primary teachers Mr. Nil Domènech, Mr. Enric Guardiola and Mr. Pol Murciano have attended a training course on how to teach entrepreneurial skills, organised by the Princess of Girona Foundation and the Trilema Foundation. 


 El Consell d’Infants de l’Ajuntament de Girona a Primària,  El Consell d’Infants de l’Ajuntament de Girona a Primària

As in recent years, Bell-lloc will have representatives in the Town Hall Children's Council. This year our representatives will be Marc Llopart Portell from Primary 5th and Mateu Nogués Palomeras from Primary 6th.

Sortides culturals del 1r trimestre

Last Thursday all Bell-lloc students went on a Cultural Outing to several corners of Catalan geography to learn about academic aspects from a more practical and friendly perspective.

 Workshop per a pares de P5, 1r i 2n de primària

This week, Mr. Rafa Villalón, manager of Supertics company, gave a lecture on literacy acquisition to the parents whose children are currently in P5, 1st and 2nd of primary school.

 Comencen els càstings per trobar les veus del Musical 2019

Primary and secondary students who wish to sing in this year's Musical are showing up for the auditions. Students prepare one or two songs and sing them in the presence of the Musical Directors.

 45è Concurs de Pintura Ràpida Infantil i Juvenil del GEiEG

Our little artists from Primary 1 to Primary 4 take part in the 45th edition of GEiEG Children's Outdoor Painting Contest. It is now a school tradition to participate in this popular activity in Girona.

 Bell-lloc a la 40a Cursa del Carrer Nou

Amazing turnout from Bell-lloc students at the 40th edition of the Carrer Nou Athletic Race

 Proves optomètriques a primer de primària

As we do every year at Bell-lloc, primary pupils are being given Eye Chart Tests. The purpose of such tests is to detect the students who have difficulty  in perceiving and processing information at a visual level.

B!Caràcter, l'amabilitat

Mr. Joan Antoni González, primary teacher at Bell-lloc, explains the concept of kindness and how parents can live out this virtue at home.

 Descobrim el cos humà amb el Dr. Vila,  Descobrim el cos humà amb el Dr. Vila

Dr. Àlex Vila Belmonte, an internal medicine specialist, helped 2nd of Primary pupils to understand several aspects related to the human body.

 Sóc celíac, el primer projecte de medi de tercer de primària. , Treball mitjançant la metodologia VESS.

The “I am a Coeliac” project has allowed primary-school students to learn about the main food intolerances and allergies. The final goal of the project is to prepare a snack suitable for everyone.

B!Caràcter: Amabilitat

Fr. Josep Maria Rovira, head of ESO1 Chaplaincy, reveals to us the three key words that Pope Francis recommends using in order to live out the virtue of kindness within the family; kindness is the competence that we are working on this month in the B!Caràcter project. 

Nous Cursos d'Orientació Familiar

Boost your parenting skills! FERT Association, Les Alzines and Bell-lloc launch Family Enrichment Programs for the next academic year 2018-19. All the information about the courses is available here. 

El Dr. Jordi Surós visita Bell-lloc

Second of primary pupils were able to gain a deeper understanding of the human body thanks to the teachings of Dr. Jordi Surós, a sports medicine physician.  

 Felicitats, pare!,  Felicitats, pare!

On the 19th March, the feast of Saint Joseph and our country’s Father’s Day, our students sent their fathers a Father’s Day letter.

Alumnes de 5è i 6è participen en el concurs PUM! CIBERBULLYING

Some of our Primary 5 and 6 pupils have taken part in a storytelling contest against school bullying.

Educant de Cara al Futur

On 2nd and 3rd March 2018 our families will have a new opportunity to rekindle the passion in their marriages thanks to the inspiring lectures that will be held in the Parenting for the Future course, delivered by two leading experts in the field of family and marriage.

Irlanda Bell-lloc

Nine Bell-lloc students are spending five weeks in Ireland on a language immersion programme to improve their English skills.

 Formació en aprenentatge cooperatiu amb els germans Johnson.

From February 8th to February 10th, Mr Seriñá attended the second face-to-face part of the Becoming an Expert in Cooperative Learning Course.


Primary 6 pupils have created a series of videos in which they show how to make a recipe in English. This project is carried out in the English as a Foreign Language class.

Jornada de Portes Obertes

We are once again opening our doors and grounds to parents and children for our whole school open day on Saturday 3rd February at 11.30.  As you all know, this is a wonderful opportunity to show the school to your friends.

Auxiliars de conversa

During the academic year 2017/18 our English Teaching Programme wil continue to be enriched by the aid of English-speaking Language Assistants.

Bon Nadal 2017

Everybody at Bell-lloc wishes you a Merry and Holy Christmas. We hope you enjoy your holidays and we will be looking forward to seeing you again at school on 8th January.


Initial Cycle pupils enjoyed a Sant Narcís Celebration jam-packed with pleasant surprises.

Cooperatiu PRI1

A methodological approach which encourages students and equips them with new tools to develop along their learning process.

The forthcoming 39th edition of Carrer Nou race will take place on Sunday 22 October. We are looking forward to seeing you there! For further information, please check the documents attached.


It has been long since the Children’s choir started spending two team-building days out each academic course, with a view to fostering cooperation among students and rehearsing their performances more intensively.


LEGO materials lay out a wide range of challenges adapted to each age which can be developed in a context of creativity and teamwork.


The first parent-teacher conferences of the present academic course will be held on Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th October at 20:30h. Further information may be found in the documents attached hereby.

Consell Curs PRI3

Since its foundation our school has allowed students to appoint Course Councils on an annual basis. Such councils are made up of different students from the class who represent the whole group and help the tutor build good class rapport.

B!Summer 2017

The B!Summer'17 is already 100% since last June 26! The three groups, the reds, yellows and blues have begun with crafts, swimming pool, sports, games, english tales, speaking teacher, homework, movies, and much more!

The Painting Contest prizes were awarded last Wednesday 31st of May. The Painting Contest revolved around the topic of the Local Festivities, which was part of the interdisciplinary project called "Local Festivities" in the Primary years; within the project pupils also explore the history of Local Festivities, their evolution, their traditions and their raisons d'être.


Two Bell-lloc students have been awarded at the 37th edition of theTown Hall's Jocs Florals Literary Competiton in Girona: Marc Boadas Hereu, a student in grade 6th of primary school, and Alex Soriano, an ESO-4 student. Both have won a prize in the non-fiction category. The theme this year was "Girona, a welcoming land". Marc collected his prize last Friday 26th May, and Àlex on the 31st of May.

Bell-lloc has delivered food collected for the Festivity of the Blessed Álvaro del Portillo, which was celebrated on 12 May at Caritas Diocesana in Girona. The blessed Álvaro del Portillo promoted social initiatives around the world, especially in Africa. 

On Friday, the 12th May, thirteen students were award-winners at the Artistic and Literary Contest of the UNESCO Friends in Girona. The award ceremony took place at the Aula Magna in the city’s Cultural Centre, ‘La Casa de Cultura’. The topic this year’s competition was: “Ways, Paths, Routes and Tracks...”  

On 4 and 5 May, sixth grade students have made external testing of basic skills in primary schools. The objective of these tests is to assess the degree of achievement of linguistic competence (Catalan, Spanish and English) and mathematics students finishing primary education.

Cicle de conferències CRISTIANISME AL SEGLE XXI

From Thursday 16 March will begin a series of conferences around the theme of Christianity. Jesus Christ, faith is something reasonable ?, the Church in today's world, the figure of St. Josemaría, are among the topics to be discussed.