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TV Girona a Bell-lloc

Last Friday, May 10, and coinciding with the training sessions for the final of the 11th, TV Girona came to school to shoot and interview our finalists.

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7a Fira Bell-Domus

Next 7th of June, the 7th Bell-Domus Fair will take place in which the students of 3rd year of ESO will present to the relatives and external evaluators the project of domotic that they have elaborated throughout the course.

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 El Sr. Carles Benítez imparteix una sessió de protocol a 3r d’ESO

This Wednesday, Mr. Carles Benítez, in charge of the Girona Excellent Program of the Diputació de Girona, has given a session on protocol to the students responsible for performing the public relations function during the Bell-Domus Fair on June 7.

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