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Curs sobre reanimació cardiopulmonar a 3r d’ESO, Curs sobre reanimació cardiopulmonar a 3r d’ESO

Dr. Carlos Cerezo, family doctor, and Mr. Raúl Sánchez, health emergency technician, gave a course on first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to 3rd grade students, a transversal activity between Physical Education and Natural Sciences.


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 Les plantes de Bell-lloc

"The Plants or our School", the latest Natural Science project, has allowed third of primary pupils to get to know the plant variety that we have at the school through an educational and dynamic activity. 

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Experiències Matemàtiques

On January 22nd, the 3rd of ESO Excellence Plan students visited the "Mathematical Experiences exhibition" at the Casa de Cultura, accompanied by Mr. Juli de Castro and Mr. Miquel Àngel Lucena. 

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