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 Alumnes Plexs d’ESO2 a Giropoma

ESO2 Excellence Plan students spent their morning school time at Giropoma to find out how a food company operates on a daily basis

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 Descobrim el cos humà amb el Dr. Vila,  Descobrim el cos humà amb el Dr. Vila

Dr. Àlex Vila Belmonte, an internal medicine specialist, helped 2nd of Primary pupils to understand several aspects related to the human body.

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 Sóc celíac, el primer projecte de medi de tercer de primària. , Treball mitjançant la metodologia VESS.

The “I am a Coeliac” project has allowed primary-school students to learn about the main food intolerances and allergies. The final goal of the project is to prepare a snack suitable for everyone.

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