Matemàtiques ESO1

At one of the four weekly hours students will be streamed into smaller groups in order to reinforce, consolidate and improve their mathematical skills. Furthermore, students not opting for a second foreign language will be offered an extra maths lesson each week.


3rd and 4th of ESO students have been introduced to the Linguamat project, an inspiring subject in which they will be developing several projects throught the course to enhance their linguistic and mathematical skills.


This week 4th of ESO students have been invited to take part in the Erasmus+ exchange programme that will be held in Norway in november and in France in spring.

Sygnall a la competició de la fase europea de la Junior Achievement a Brussel·les

The students of the Sygnall team that won the state competition are presenting their project to the European phase in Brussels.

II Jornadas de Reputación y Comunicación de Entidades Educativas

On the 4th and 5th of July, Mr. Ignasi Canals and Mr. Enric Vidal took part in Pamplona during the II Meeting of Reputation and Communication of Educational Entities, attended by 300 school executives from all over Spain. Mr. Enric Vidal has been one of the speakers at the Workshop on Equal Education.

Tecnocampus 2017

Great success of TecnoCampus with record of participation. This year we have done three centers of interest: "Trip to the Center of the Earth" for the students of 4th of primary school, "Save the Earth" for those of 5th and for those of 6th and ESO, "2030: Objective Mars." Access to the Tecnocampus's blog

B!Summer 2017

The B!Summer'17 is already 100% since last June 26! The three groups, the reds, yellows and blues have begun with crafts, swimming pool, sports, games, english tales, speaking teacher, homework, movies, and much more!

Campus Esportiu 2017

One more summer we are doing in the school the Sports Campus of soccer and handball. It's been more than 15 years since we started and this year we can talk about a great success of participation with more than 100 registered children!

Curs Coaching for teaching a Roma

The teachers Joan Enric Taló, Eduard Marzá and Frank Bayer are currently completing the "Coaching for teaching" course, which offers the INFOL (Innovazione Formazione Orientamento e Lavoro) Study Center in Rome from 3 to 6 July.

The Painting Contest prizes were awarded last Wednesday 31st of May. The Painting Contest revolved around the topic of the Local Festivities, which was part of the interdisciplinary project called "Local Festivities" in the Primary years; within the project pupils also explore the history of Local Festivities, their evolution, their traditions and their raisons d'être.