The main functions of the AMPA parents’ association are:

  1. To support parents, teachers and students, and also the governing bodies of the centre in everything that contributes to improving the quality of the education that our children receive.
  2. To organize and manage the reserve fund of books and uniforms.
  3. To promote and organize fund-raising activities for charities.
  4. To defend the co-financed school model.
  5. To manage and administrate those resources provided by the partners.

The current board is made up of the following members:

  • President: Mrs. Marta Riera Alonso
  • Vice-president: Mr. Miquel Camós Colom
  • Secretary: Mr. Josep Nadal Rius
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Elisabet Cornejo Mata
  • Members: Mrs. Maria Teresa Mundet Riera, Mrs. Dolors Fernández Punset, Mrs. Pilar Palahí Mundet, Mrs. Mercedes Roura Riu, Mr. Xavier Bosch Farré, Mr. Joaquim Bosch Barrera, Mr. Josep Maria Riera Pérez

The annual fee is 35 euros.

Please send any suggestions you would like to make, by email, to:

Thank you!