Alumni - Former Students

The links that Bell-lloc students establish with one another during their school years are lasting.

Thousands of alumni bring to their hearts valuable friendships, memories, learning, and experiences that continue to link them to what Bell-lloc meant to them in their childhood and adolescence.

Alumni Bell-lloc is the meeting point for all the alumni of the school, a constant opportunity to return to La Masia, to regain contact with former teachers and colleagues, and also a channel to contribute to the improvement of the Bell-lloc project.

Alumni Bell-lloc annually conducts various cultural, leisure and social activities to keep the ties between the school, the alumni and their families alive. It publishes El Butlletó Magazine, which collects alumni interviews, opinion articles, and group activities.

The President of Alumni Bell-lloc is Professor Ramon Bosch. Its contact email is:

Becoming a member of Alumni Bell-lloc is simple

To register as a member of the Bell-lloc Alumni Association, fill out the registration application form and once we have received and verified your details, we will contact you.

What Alumni Bell-lloc has to offer

Xavier Fàbrega Solidarity Award:

The Xavier Fàbrega Solidarity Award is a literary prize for storytelling, drawing and photography, open to all ages. The financial endowment of the winning works will go to organisations that work for solidarity projects. Each year it deals with a different subject and the jury is made up of people from the world of culture and education in Girona.

Girona a l’Abast

We publish the Cycle of Conferences Girona a l’Abast, which aims to bring the history and art of Girona to all those interested, with the help of renowned specialists.

Girona Abast

Agricultural Business Day

The Agricultural Business Day in the Counties of Girona is held every year and deals with current agricultural issues. The speakers are experts in the different agri-food fields.

Promotions meetings

The promotions meetings organised by the Association serve to restore and strengthen the bonds of friendship that had existed between former colleagues and teachers of the centre. A walk around the grounds helps to see and compare the changes that have taken place over time.

Family outings

Every month, the Association organises two family excursions: one to the mountains and the other for mountain biking. You will always find all the information on the Bell-lloc website, as well as the details of the latest outings.