Management Team

Management team

  • Director
    Ramon Homs Marquès
  • Deputy Directors
    Xavier Rodó Marcet
    Paco Gutiérrez Cordero
  • Head of Studies
    Txema Simon Colomer
  • Manager
    Narcís Verdaguer Arpa

Bell-lloc Nursery

  • Director
    Eva M. Piqué Fernández
  • Deputy Director
    Mariàngels Arbusé Sancho

The Standing Committee is formed by Ramon Homs Marquès, Txema Simon Colomer and Narcís Verdaguer Arpa.

Stage Directors

  • Bell-lloc Nursery
    Eva Piqué Fernández
  • Primary
    Jordi Seriñá Guinart
  • 1st and 2n of Secondary
    Eduard Marzá Cañete
  • 3rd and 4th of Secondary
    Frank Bayer Alsina
  • Upper Secondary
    Albert Rodríguez Vílchez

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