etwinning quality label
Baccalaureate, Primary, Secondary

Bell-lloc, awarded with the European Quality Label

In this final stretch of the course, we want to inform the entire Educational Community that the European project Nomen Omen has received the eTwinning European Quality Label. The project was developed last year by Bell-lloc students who are now doing 4th ESO and students from the “Ettore Majorana” Institute in Brindisi (Italy).   The […]

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15 June, 2023
Diada de les matemàtiques
Featured, Primary


Last Thursday, June 1, the IX maths day was celebrated at the school. As in the rest of the previous editions, the students of the entire primary school dedicated the day to work on activities related to the world of mathematics, but from a playful and fun point of view. Geometry, reasoning, numbering, spatial orientation, […]

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5 June, 2023

Video of the musical “MAGIC”

You already have available the video of the musical Magic. You can also download the photographs from the photo album of the musical. And while you wait for next year’s musical, you can access all the musicals and see the videos, photos and download the songs and lyrics, from the Musical’s site, which you can […]

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2 June, 2023
Featured, Secondary

Nice place among the 100 finalists of the Challenge 2023

Last March 1, and within the elective subject of fourth year ESO Technology (BigData), the students prepared a challenge to solve one of the problems related to the SDGs 2030 Agenda through data analysis or BigData . The challenge was to address one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of their choice, while […]

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18 April, 2023
Baccalaureate, Featured

BI students from Bell-lloc visit Geneva

On Wednesday, April 12, the 2nd year high school students taking the International Baccalaureate, accompanied by teachers Manel Juny and Fèlix Bruguera, visited the ONU headquarters in Geneva, under the guidance of Ignasi Grau Callizo, former student and director general of the OIDEL, a NGO specialized in the right to education and freedom of education, […]

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14 April, 2023
Featured, Secondary

Finalists in the Catalan Competition Miniempreses 2023

The mini-company “Dementious” formed by Arnau Quer Carreras, David Cabero Prieto, David Velasco, Joan Gutiérrez and Marc Roura has qualified for the final phase of the Competició Catalana de Miniempreses 2023 which will take place in Barcelona on April 19th and 20th. Dementious is an application that aims to help people who suffer from the […]

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31 March, 2023

XX Xavier Fàbrega Solidarity Award Do screens connect you to people?

“Do screens connect you to people?”: Under this title, a new edition of the Premio Solidaridad Xavier Fàbrega is framed, a literary and artistic contest that becomes an annual benchmark in the Girona regions. Three years ago we thought of this theme for the Award, the pandemic arrived and it had to be cancelled. It […]

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10 February, 2023