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At Bell-lloc we understand Primary School Education as the educational stage in which students acquire the necessary human and academic foundations to be able to understand and be an active and transformative part of a society in constant evolution.

We place reading as the backbone of the academic and personal growth of the student. Reading is the gateway to knowledge and the key to academic success. For this reason, we strive to make our students effective readers, and convey the passion they need to become true reading lovers in the future.

We dedicate a lot of resources to achieving our reading objective: one hour of commented reading in all primary school years, and participation in reading aloud contests.

  • Daily reading: All primary school years have a daily reading time slot. During reading, students silently enjoy a book in the classroom library or, if they wish, a book they have brought from home.
  • Commented reading: Reading is worked on one hour per week, emphasising the textual typologies, the characteristics of each typology and the strategies that we should carry out when reading.

Foreign languages in primary school

We consider language learning to be of utmost importance. Fluid communication, both oral and written, must be achieved in order to understand and be understood. For this reason, languages are worked on carefully. Apart from our own languages, Catalan and Spanish, foreign languages, and especially English, have a very significant presence in the everyday life of the school. In addition to five weekly hours of English, are the CLIL (Music and Arts and Crafts) subjects, as well as the ability to take Cambridge external exams (Cambridge YLE).

Mathematical reasoning

Obviously, maths plays a leading role in everyday life at school. We strive for students to achieve mathematical competence by proposing challenges that lead them to research and reflect on the different contents studied. Contextualisation and hands-on materials help us to live the experience, reasoning and understanding in the classroom.

For a few years now, we have incorporated robotics into the 1st – 4th primary school years of maths through LEGO Education. During one term, students in the initial and middle cycles work 2 hours a week on robotics content (simple machines and motorised machines) following the methodology of 4 sessions: connect, build, contemplate and continue.

Our changing society pushes us towards integrating robotics and the good use of new technologies into the curriculum. First to fourth year primary school students learn robotics for one term in the maths subject. Similarly, from the first year of primary school until the last, the use of new technologies is worked on, emphasising the need for responsible and respectful use for oneself and others. In this line, students from the fifth and sixth years of primary school participate in the Connecta + programme, aimed at making students, families and teachers reflect on the use of new technologies and the behaviours and habits that we have on the network.

Everything we do in primary school is guided at all times by the desire to train students not only in the academic sense, but also especially in the spiritual and human aspects.

Spiritual education. Apart from the subject of Catholic Religion, students have the option of attending monthly meditations by the school’s chaplaincy department. Also, those who wish, starting from the fifth year of primary school, can participate in the daily Mass at the school.

Human education. Through the educational plan of B!Caràcter, students work on a set of goals and strategies aimed at developing the habits and strengths of their character, with the ultimate goal of being able to achieve personal excellence. In this path of self-improvement, the class tutor and the personal tutor play a leading role, giving the student an individualised follow-up. This one-on-one monitoring is done through monthly interviews.


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