Bell-lloc has the right spaces to meet the needs of each educational stage.

La Masia

The tower that gives the school its name is dated to be from around the 16th century and is part of the Inventory of Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

La Masia was built by the Bell-lloc family of Girona in medieval times, above an ancient Roman town. From 1965, the building was transformed into an educational centre. Although it has undergone some expansion, the exterior remains intact, retaining the large semi-circular arch portal and the Gothic windows.

It currently houses some of the teaching staff rooms, the offices, the Boardroom, the secretariat, several tutoring rooms and part of the upper secondary school classrooms.

Bell-lloc Nursery

The Bell-lloc Nursery building originated in 1997 next to the Bell-lloc Masia. It is a modern-style building, framed in a natural and safe environment

The spaciousness and luminosity we discover when we enter the lobby permeate every corner of the building.

A ramp presides over the entrance, leading straight on to the second floor. The building has spacious courtyards, classrooms with exterior views, psychomotor and music classrooms, a workshop, the prayer centre… This diversity of spaces and functionalities helps our children to grow up in an environment where play, knowledge, emotions and integral education are the key parts of education for the present and the future.

Sports facilities

Sport is an ideal means of acquiring healthy habits and growing our values and virtues

Bell-lloc enjoys exceptional sports facilities, including a spacious multi-sports pavilion, a swimming pool, basketball and handball courts, and an athletics court that surrounds an artificial turf football field.