Customised Education

Bell-lloc is aware that every student is unique. The school strives to provide customised, respectful and rigorous education, tailored to the talents and singularities of each person.

The training offered – human, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional, aesthetic and sports – encompasses all dimensions of our personalities. We encourage a love of truth and freedom; diligence; respect and gentleness in dealing with others; tidiness, punctuality, care for small things and a job well done.

To help care for each pupil in their individuality,  Bell-lloc offers its families the option of having  a personal tutor, who is one of the students’ teachers in the educational stage in which they are located.

The personal tutor is the nexus of communication between the family and the school. They meet with each assigned student at least once a month, within the school timetable and outside of school hours, and parents can request interviews with them whenever they need to, to discuss their child’s academic and personal progress. Generally, quarterly interviews between the personal tutor and parents are sought.