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WHO ARE WE Bell-lloc is a well-established state-funded school in the city of Girona with an international projection

Bell-lloc was founded in 1965 under the auspices of a group of families who wanted to contribute to Girona’s school environment with the creation of a school that offered academic excellence and human and Christian education.

The foundation of Bell-lloc was made possible through the collective efforts of a group of people from Girona who dreamed of creating a school with a family atmosphere, where solid training was provided and the spirit of work well done, and well finished, would be transmitted to the service of the whole society, impregnated with a Christian sense.

In order to fulfil this collective dream, the first years were full of efforts, formalities and management. These were years of sowing the seed, of motives, of promises that were not always fulfilled, but the people of faith never lost hope.

From the beginning, the spiritual education of the school was entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church.

Thanks to its solid foundations, Bell-lloc is currently a mature and well-established school in Girona’s society. Its educational proposal blends the best of its tradition with validated innovation to respond to the educational challenges of the 21st century.

Bell-lloc offers a personal education plan focused on character training, through which students grow in virtues and emotional education. The core of the educational project is personalised education, a culture of thought, multilingualism, and careful technological and robotic education, as well as educational and curriculum ingredients that are promoted in a pro-academic climate of rigour and freedom.


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