Management Team​

  • Director
    Ignasi Canals Álvarez
  • Deputy Directors
    Txema Simon Colomer
    Paco Gutiérrez Cordero
  • Head of Studies
    Enric Vidal Rodà
  • Administrator
    Jordi González Bayà

The Standing Comittee of the Governing Board is constituted by three members: Ignasi Canals Álvarez, Txema Simon Colomer and Jordi González Bayà

Heads of Section

  • Infant Education Director
    Maria Josep Cots Bertran
  • Infant Education Coordinator
    Meritxell Vaquero Juanola
  • First and Mid-level Primary School
    Jordi Seriñá Guinart
  • Upper Primary Level
    Eduard Marzá Cañete
  • 1st and 2nd year of ESO (Secondary School)
    José Luis Sanjosé
  • 3rd and 4th of ESO (Secondary School)
    Francesc Bayer Alsina
  • Baccalaureate
    Manel Juny Pastells