Combatre el fracàs escolar dels nois

All over the world, boys are becoming the weaker sex in the the classrooms. According to data from the Ministry of Education, 83% of girls finish secondary school, compared to 73% of boys. This gender gap, which gets even worse when it comes to underprivileged boys, is still absent from our country’s educational agenda.

Cartell 41a Cursa Carrer Nou Girona

Next Sunday 20th October you are invited to run with Bell-lloc at the 41st edition of the Carrer Nou Race, a sporting and recreational event for all ages.

Paul Xicola, guanyador dels Fiction Express Awards

Our third of ESO student Paul Xicola Mutos has won the Youth Literaty Fiction Express Contest, which includes romantic stories, dystopian tales, history narratives and thrillers, addressed to students between 2n and 4th of ESO.

Pàdel Solidari 2019

Bell-lloc Alumni Association and Bell-lloc Parent Association organise the Sixth Edition of the Solidarity Paddle Tournament, which will take place on Sunday 17th November at the Pàdel Indoor Girona premises. See below for enrolment details. 

Cambridge 2019

Mr. Tom Wogan, Ms Adele Titford and Mr. Eduard Cuadrado delivered the Cambridge Certificates to over 100 Bell-lloc students who passed them during the past academic year.

Francesc Grau

Francesc Grau, a Bell-lloc Alumni, visited the school to remember his past life as a student more than 20 years ago, and to talk abot his new book. 

 Rutina de pensament: Mirar/Escoltar/Llegir

"See, Listen and Read" is a thinking routine to gain a deeper undestanding of curricular aspects.

 Sessió del Consell d’Adolescents per a 1r d’ESO

Last Monday the Teen Council leaders and the Council of Girona came to Bell-lloc to teach a session on citizen participation to our 1st of ESO students

 Convivència Consell de Curs a 3r ESO

Last Tuesday our 3rd of ESO Student Council Members took part in a teambuilding seminar where they put into practice several group dynamics to acquire leadership skills and attended workshops on how to improve their classes' standars of coexistence.

Els alumnes Javier Serrano Cerdà i Arnau Clota Font, Els alumnes Javier Serrano Cerdà i Arnau Clota Font

Our students Javier Serrano Cerdà and Arnau Clota Fuente, from 6th of Primary, took part in the Fast Chess Competition that was held in Sarrià de Ter.