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You can download the songs in mp3 format by clicking on the title of each track. You can also download the entire disk in a compressed file that contains all the songs.

  • Obertura 
    Overture. Dancer in the Dark
  • 1. Allà on vaig
    Bui Doi. Miss Saigon. Performed by the Students Choir, Raül López, Meritxell Vaquero, Elisenda Gómez, Gerard Caritg and Oriol Condom.
  • 2. Fem-lo feliç
    Believe. Finding Neverland. Performed by Toni Riera, Meritxell Vaquero, Jordi Solé and the Students' Choir.
  • 3. Puja a l'Endurance
    9 to 5. Nine to Five. Performed by Albert Sentís, Eudald Borrell and the Students' Choir.
  • 4. Trencar el gel
    Stronger. Finding Neverland. Performed by Enric Bautista, Eudald Borrell and the Students' Choir.
  • 5. Aixeca'm
    You're Welcome. Moana. Performed by Albert Sentís and the Students' Choir.
  • 6. Aviat seràs amb mi
    A Milion Dreams. The Greatest Showman. Performed by Albert Sentís and Meritxell Vaquero.
  • 7. Viu la festa més salvatge
    Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher. Billy Elliot. Performed by the Students' Choir.
  • 8. Camins gelats
    Deliver us! The Prince of Egypt. Performed by the Students' Choir and the Teachers' Choir.
  • 9. Estàs sol aquí
    This is Halloween. A Nightmare Before Christmas. Performed by the Students' Choir.
  • 10. Rescatem-los
    I'm Still Standing. Sing!  Performed by Txema Simon, Martí Pagès and the Student's Choir.
  • 11. Quan tornaràs?
    When I Grow Up. Matilda. Performed by the Students' Choir, Meritxell Vaquero and Jordi Solé.
  • 12. El llegat
    Do You Hear The People Sing? Les misérables. Performed by the Students' Choir and the Teachers' Choir.



Shackleton the musical (VIDEO) Photo Album Making-of Images

The Musical is based on the history of the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and his ambitious expedition, which in 1914 sought to cross the continent of Antarctica on foot.

The trip became an odyssey when the ship with which they were sailing, Endurance, was trapped between ice sheets in the Weddell Sea, a few kilometers from the coast. After months and dragged to the north by the underwater currents, the ship could not resist the pressure of the ice and sank, leaving all the abandoned crew in the middle of the frozen sea. For 24 months, the crew had to withstand the few groceries that they had and very low temperatures, with no hope of being rescued by anybody. Shackleton's determination, bravery and leadership were key to overcoming all problems and for all to survive at the end of the adventure.

Resilience (ability to adapt to adversity), attitude towards failure, overcoming, coexistence, the spirit of survival, teamwork, the value of effort and solidarity are some of the values ​​that appear in this story.

The Bell-lloc musical would not be possible without the human team that we formed all the members of the school. As a global and integrating project, it is the Musical of all. And the excellent reception by relatives and friends attending as a public encourages us to continue working to develop the artistic skills and cooperation of our students and offer a year more a professional level show.

From the musical organization we want to thank our work, effort, dedication and collaboration of all the participating students and all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school.

We encourage you to find information on the Internet about the interesting adventure of Shackleton, read one of the many books that exist or admire the original photographs that the official photographer of the expedition made, recovered from the negatives that could be saved of the gel

We attach some links to websites to expand information about Shackleton and its expedition.

More information about Shackleton and the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition:

“Difficulties are just things to overcome after all.”

Sir Ernest Shackleton