VESS Model

The 2018-19 Bell-lloc school year begins implementing the educational VESS model (Balanced Life with Sense and Wisdom). The implementation process will be gradual, reaching full adoption in the 2024-25 school year.

It is a model that brings together the best educational programmes in the world, harmoniously integrated with ours and the PEP methodology (Thinking as a pedagogical strategy). It is a model that understands that school and academic life must go beyond learning contents, formulas, dates and names among other things. Content is important, but what is more important is the development of the individual with spiritual, emotional, social, personal, academic, and intellectual balance; so that they can reach maturity in all these areas.

The main purpose of the VESS model is to combine all the basics that children need during the most important neurological stage of their lives, in order to base on each child the habits of mind, thought and skills necessary to lead a full life, with balance and wisdom.