Sygnall a la competició de la fase europea de la Junior Achievement a Brussel·les

The students of the Sygnall team that won the state competition are presenting their project to the European phase in Brussels.

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II Jornadas de Reputación y Comunicación de Entidades Educativas

On the 4th and 5th of July, Mr. Ignasi Canals and Mr. Enric Vidal took part in Pamplona during the II Meeting of Reputation and Communication of Educational Entities, attended by 300 school executives from all over Spain. Mr. Enric Vidal has been one of the speakers at the Workshop on Equal Education.

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Tecnocampus 2017

Great success of TecnoCampus with record of participation. This year we have done three centers of interest: "Trip to the Center of the Earth" for the students of 4th of primary school, "Save the Earth" for those of 5th and for those of 6th and ESO, "2030: Objective Mars." Access to the Tecnocampus's blog

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Carrer de Can Pau Birol, 2, 17005 Girona

972 23 21 11

Batxillerat Internacional

European Association Single-Sex Education

Centre de preparació d'exàmens de Cambridge English

Membre de la IBSC - International Boys' School Coalition

Centre autoritzat d'exàmens del programa ECDL

Programa Erasmus+