Photographs and more content from GRIS, the Bell-lloc’s Musical

18 June, 2024

You now have all the photographs of GRIS, the Musical by Bell-lloc available, which you can download from the musical’s website. On the pages of this website you will find links to the complete albums with all the photographs from each session. You can also see and download the official video and all the songs and dialogues.

If you browse this website more you will also discover many other details and curiosities about Gris. You will be able to::

  • Appreciate in more detail the great work done in the costume design.
  • Play with the crossword puzzle and word search puzzles from the Musical.
  • Consult the museum and art gallery’s catalog of works of art with links to the original works.
  • Visit the webpages that the 1st year ESO students have designed in the subject of Robotics and Programming.

And remember that while you wait for next year’s musical, you can access the historical archive of all the musicals from Musical’s site, which you can always access from “Navigate > Educational Project > El Musical de Bell-lloc“.

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