Conference series XXI Century Christianity

Cicle de conferències CRISTIANISME AL SEGLE XXI

From Thursday 16 March will begin a series of conferences around the theme of Christianity. Jesus Christ, faith is something reasonable ?, the Church in today's world, the figure of St. Josemaría, are among the topics to be discussed.

The lectures will take place in Hall (behind the oratory) Bell-lloc at 20: 30h.

The cycle is as follows:


"You can be modern and followed Jesus in the XXI century?"
Mn. Albert Barceló Maset


"Faith can argue more than you think ..."
Joan Avellaneda Guri


"The leadership of the Church today"
Xavier Serra Besalú


"A "coffee" with St. Josemaría in Bell-lloc in 1972." Video

THE HALL, FROM 20:30 TO 21: 30H

Cicle de conferències

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