Paper Wings Competition

Paper Wings Competition, 1r de primària, 2n de primària, 3r de primària, 4t de primària

During this week, the Paper Wings Competition took place. This contest has become a tradition in the events of the main festival of the end of the primary school year. The list of winners, below.

Winners and meters of launch, by courses, of the Paper Wings Competition:

1st of primary school:

  1. Ferran Coll: 8,90 m
  2. Santi Terreros: 7,20 m
  3. Manel Gorina: 5,70 m

2n of primary school:

  1. Jan Balló: 11,25 m
  2. Ignasi Vilà: 10 m
  3. Alberto Gutiérrez: 8,95 m

3rd of primary school:

  1. Marc Riera: 17,40 m.
  2. Mario Muñoz: 7,20 m.
  3. Oscar Cabero: 2,30 m

4th of primary school::

  1. Quim Martínez: 17 m
  2. Biel Clopés: 16,22 m
  3. Jan Cicujano: 16,20 m
  4. Rodrigo Pérez: 14,15m