The OPEN DOORS DAYS, however, are not over.

15 February, 2018

On the 3rd and 5th of February we celebrated The school OPEN DOORS DAY and had a lovely time showing our school to the visiting families.

After a brief informative presentation, in which we presented the school, its values and education project, we divided up into two groups, each of which walked around the centre, starting with the crèche, followed by the Atelier, a  space dedicated to sensorial stimulation and creativity. We continued by visiting the Roleplay classroom, the large and small playgrounds, and went up the ramp to the kindergarten classrooms, which, like the crèche classes, are spacious, bright and show what we are working on. The Speakers’ Corner was very successful among the families who visited us, as was the Music classroom and that of Psicomotricity. What stood out to the Parents was the possibility of participating themselves, with the means provided by the school, in the work that the infants do within the classrooms and outside.

As they walked through the school , the teachers explained what was appropriate at each age,  and how the children were motivated to bring out the best in themselves through play and taking advantage of their interests. We highlighted the importance that family and school must work together as one.

The parents of P3, especially worried about their children becoming autonomous, were able to listen to how we work on the habits of hygiene, putting and taking off pinafores, hanging up schoolbags, or going up or down the ramp. In effect, it’s a process that requires dedication and consistency.

The OPEN DOORS DAYS, however, are not over. Whenever the need arises, interested families can come to the school and be shown around its facilities on a personal basis. With a call to the centre a visit can be easily arranged. We will do OPEN DAYS in Music and English in P3 and P4, which will be posted on the social networks very soon.

We are waiting for you!