The UNESCO Friends Artistic and Literary Contest

16 May, 2017

On Friday, the 12th May, thirteen students were award-winners at the Artistic and Literary Contest of the UNESCO Friends in Girona. The award ceremony took place at the Aula Magna in the city’s Cultural Centre, ‘La Casa de Cultura’. The topic this year’s competition was: “Ways, Paths, Routes and Tracks...”  

The quality work of our students was recognised by a jury, and as a result, the following students were nominated for awards:



·         Marc Boadas Hereu (6th Year Primary)

·         Marc Tanous Pinto (2nd Year Secondary)


 ·         Àlex Alonso Anglada  (1st Year Secondary)

“Auca” (Vignettes with drawings and text in verse, telling a story)

·         Guillem Jérez Ribas (2nd Year Secondary)


·         Sergi Ayza Roca (3rd Year Secondary)


·         Max Martí Tulsà (5th Year Primary)

·         Bernat Baena García (2nd Year Secondary)

·         Joel Cano Puigvert (2nd Year Secondary)

·         Àlex García Vázquez (1st Year Secondary)

·        Joan Vilar Pi (2nd Year Baccalaureate)

·        Gerard Carrasco Cané (2nd Year Baccalaureate)


·        Marc Perich Coronado (2nd Year Baccalaureate)


·       Aleix Santamarina Duran (2nd Year Baccalaureate)