Winners of the XIX Awards Solidarity Prize Xavier Fàbrega

7 June, 2019

On 21 May, the awards for the 19th edition of the Xavier Fàbrega Solidarity Award were presented at the EspacioCaixa Auditorium in Girona, which is organized by the Alumni Association. All the information of the event and the photo album, below.

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This year’s edition dealt with the theme “The small big things of each day”, developed in the different modalities of the contest: narrative, drawing and photography. In total, 1,723 works were collected, distributed as follows: 899 narrations, 759 drawings and 65 photographs. The Little Coral of the Bell-lloc school, as in previous editions, entertained the event musically, which brought together a large audience. We remind that the Alumni Association of the school delivers each year the same amount of euros that the winning works are awarded to an entity. This year it corresponded to the Down Syndrome Foundation of Girona and Regions ASTRID 21.

Here is the list of winners:


  • Category 1: Marta Muñoz Cánovas, Ingrid Campos Mas, Laura Pérez Brunner
  • Category 2: Yi Xin Zhang, Hao Yi Qiu, Jordi Soler Recasens
  • Category 3: Clara Riera Pascual, Uaid Ez-Zahhar, Ariadna Páez Cabello
  • Category 4: Unax Sánchez Díaz, Marina Piany Bristot, Mia Van Gallecum
  • Category 5: Nora Ortega Minor, Dani Glenn Palma Cruz, Alicia Pérez Krasnoperova


  • Category 2: Arnau Moré Planas, Marc Mateo del Solar, Marc Riera Pascual
  • Category 3: Andreu Guillaumes Molas, Marc Llopart Portell
  • Category 4: Oriol Llopart Portell, Narciso Campasol Ventura
  • Category 5: Irene Paz Castro, Martí Pagès Farró
  • Category 6: Fiona Llopart Mases, Claudia Soriano Serbosa
  • Category 7: Lluís Ferrés Planella


  • Julia Fernandez Knife

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