Annual Conference IBSC

28 June, 2019

The deputy director of the school, Mr. Txema Simón Colomer, participates in the annual conference of the International Boys School Coalition in Montréal presenting the Bell-lloc musical project with the "Organizing a Musical in a Boys' School" Workshop. You can watch the full video of the Shackleton musical at the end of the story, with subtitles in English.

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The International Boys School Coalition annually organizes a conference about some topic of interest related to the male differentiated school. The theme of this year, “Boys and the arts: great minds, big hearts“, has allowed the deputy director of the school Mr. Txema Simón Colomer participated with her lecture: “Organizing a Musical in a Boys’ School“.

The conference, held in Montreal, Canada, has addressed different aspects related to the organization of a musical in a masculine differentiated school such as: planning, teamwork, involvement of teachers and students, foster a relaxed atmosphere that invites to act, sing and dance in front of an audience of a thousand people live, etc. However, he also stressed how we can overcome some of the prejudices that boys can have in participating in this type of artistic activities and improve their talent in this field.

As a sample, Shackleton, the musical.

Now you can watch the musical in its entirety, with subtitles in English:


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