Day of peace

7 February, 2018

On the 30th January we celebrated the  International Day of Peace with activities which helped us to see that PEACE is  a simple, pretty word that we sometimes ignore or forget its true meaning…not only at school, but all over the world.

Our school, Infantil bell-lloc did its part to make sure the girls and boys of the school experienced a very different type of day. The kangaroos made doves with their hands, painted white, and enjoyed themselves while dancing all together. They shared paper hearts with the Tigers who prayed for peace in the world, and who elaborated the symbol of peace with tiny red hearts, cut out for them by the kangaroos. The tigers also shared white balloons and hugged each other as good friends do, promising not to fight. The squirrels made some pretty doves, which they gave to the Pandas and the Elephants, and these made a circle of Peace where everybody danced while enjoying this special day.

Together, we all managed to make the word PEACE the prettiest word in the world!!!

We did teamwork, wishing each other peace. The song “Somnis d’Infant” accompanied us thoughout the day and we hope one day to wake from this dream to see that Peace will be a reality!!

Everything that we shared, we have collected together in a moving video where we hope to “give the world a chance to forever live in peace,”…

“Peace is a task for us all”- Joan Pau ll