Economics students in the 9th edition of the “Euro Generation Contest”

22 November, 2019

1st year Baccalaureate students go to the second phase of the 9th Edition of the "Euro Generation Contest" organized by the ECB (European Central Bank) with the BDE (Bank of Spain).

This competition, organized annually by the ECB and the BDE, starts in October and consists of 3 phases. In the first phase, students approach the reality of the economic and monetary union by passing a questionnaire on questions about the culture of the European Union. The second phase consists in drafting the report that, every month and a half, must receive the Governing Council of the ECB. Finally, the three finalists will defend the report to the managers of the BDE. The winners of the competition are rewarded with a trip to Frankfurt, home of the ECB.

Of the three teams in the school that competed, the €uroBe and Euronomics groups have gone to the next phase. Therefore, these students must start drafting the monetary policy report in order to present it next January.