Erasmus+ 2020

31 January, 2020

Students in the ESO 4th Level of Excellence plan a guided tour of the Old Quarter of Girona to the French students of the Lycée Richelieu in Paris.

Some twenty fourth graders organized a visit to the most emblematic streets and monuments in the City of Girona for exchange students at the Lycée Richelieu in Paris within the Erasmus + project.

The Cathedral of Girona, Sant Fèlix and Cul de la Lleona, among others, were the key points of a day encouraged by the exchange of experiences between students from both countries. This activity is part of the Erasmus + project that Bell-lloc has been carrying out for some years now and is coordinated by the entrepreneurial professor Joan Enric Taló. This initiative has opened the door to Europe for our students, which has positioned the school as an open institution and with a strong international vocation.