What is the difference between Bell-lloc Infantil and the other semi-private schools?

4 February, 2020

Professional workshops, artists and music in our school help to move the real-life to our children. The fact that parents can come inside the classroom and participate in life, help children’s development. The main goal of this project is to change children’s minds to make them more creative and autonomous. Moreover, we connect them with new professional generations.

These facts are in our school during the whole school year in the different rooms of our school. We decorate it in a way to make our students playing a symbolic game. They can be doctors, cookers, painters…

In Bell-lloc we want to look after different methodologies with creative minds and focus on observe artworks with their eyes and get deeper knowledge.

Different languages; Catalan like the usual language, Spanish and English are used in a way to make our students understand the cultures and languages that we have in the world.

Atelier’s room, music room, and psychomotor activity room are used to work art, music and kinesthetic movement. Moreover, children can work mathematics, specific language skills…

Sustainability! We adapt the food that we eat and allergies for our children. We work in our school garden so we can know the different processes of the plants and vegetables.

We love the planet, so we take care of it.

Finally, the most important thing that drives us to our happiness is that we help each other and love others like Jesus did.

This is Bell-lloc, this is Bell-lloc Infantil.
If you don’t know us, we are waiting for you!