“Premi Talent UdG” goes to Oriol Puignau

17 October, 2017

Our former student Oriol Puignau has been awarded with Premi Talent by the University of Girona in recognition of his brilliant grades at the university’s admission test.

Premis Talent are intended to recognise and award new students of Escola Politècnica Superior, at the University of Girona, with an outstanding academic background both in Secondary and in the university’s admission exam. “We want our brains to remain at UdG”, are the words that Joaquim Salvi, head of the college, addressed to the audience who turned out for the ceremony. This ceremony, where prizes were delivered, was included in the 2017-2018 academic year inaugural meeting at Escola Politècnica Superior that took place on Wednesday 11th October at 18h in the faculty’s conference hall. It was there where Oriol Puignau, former student of Bell-Lloc del Pla, received his well-deserved recognition, which is worth the cost of the first academic year’s fees.