Students helping the Sisters of the Poor

15 November, 2019

Agustí Rosell i Batlle, teacher in ESO, explain us: "Basically, what is most appreciated by the students' visits is precisely the same visit". Complete interview and video with the impressions of the students, below.

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-What year was it started to carry out this task and how was it born?

It’s hard to say since it’s an activity that was given to me or facilitated by the school. There were other teachers who already carried out a similar task before I performed it. If we had to say how many years, we should go back I think that it would be about seven or eight, but my contribution is, for now, of four years developing it. I would also like to point out that in the 1980s there was also a collaboration between the institution and the Bell-lloc school in which the students were taking care of the garden. But that is to go back to “prehistory.”

-What is the response of the students involved?

The first aspect that draws attention to the students is the age of the people that they find there, people of ninety or one hundred years. They are accustomed to being with younger people and this fact makes them ruminate. A second point to note is the fact of meeting people with many difficulties. Difficulties that, in many cases, are real.

There are two dining rooms: one for people who can not be worth on their own and who need to be helped and another for people who are more autonomous. It is curious that people who need more help, they are those who are most grateful to the students later.

-What is also the response of residents?

Basically what is most appreciated about the visits of the students is, precisely, the visit itself. In many cases, the help that boys can offer is not very large compared to what residents need, but changing their daily habits, finding young guys at their residence and their company makes them the stay more pleasant and make them out of monotony. In summary, there is some grandmother in the center who wants to receive a couple of kisses of the boys before leaving the center.

-What are the values ​​that could be highlighted?

The values ​​are very diverse since the activity is very human and enriching. Solidarity, generosity, joy, help, dedication, reflection on these people in their day to day or dedication and service to others.