The Atelier, a wonderfull place to learn diferent languages.

25 October, 2019

Our Atelier class was inspired by Waldorf schools, the theory of 100 languages and The Personalized Education. In this class, we can make sculptures, wear costumes, play with attractive materials and then try to reinterpret the environment by connecting their learning with different languages.

In the Atelier (workshop), they can express their emotions during the activities.
The teachers are guides in their creations. We divide the class into two groups, one with the English Teacher and another group with the class teacher.
We create 6 corners according to the schedule. Together, we can discover shapes, colors, lines with the light table and we work laterality at the same time.
On the experimentation table, they can touch, observe the different states, textures and changes. Also, they can work on painters, artists and make their own creations.
In the building corner, they can play with the material that they have collected during the scientific walk.
In the maths corner, they can sort, classify, etc. The teachers observe the difficulties that the students have in this corner.
In the “various” corner, they work on environment discoveries! It reinforces their self steem.
We are going to continue explaining more things obout our Atelier class, a wonderful place to learn.