The beauty of Bell-lloc Infantil

10 October, 2019

Personalized education is the framework where we based Bell-lloc education. This kind of education keeps in mind 5 personal dimensions that bring us to happiness. Physical dimension, emotional, social, rational and transcendental that attends the body and the mind in a way to live successfully.

During the first days at school we have worked in the Atelier: “Creative minds” and in Bell-Art: “Transcendent hearts” in the same way: Look further to our context and the beauty of the little things that are involved in our thinking culture. Teachers, students, and families are one of our main aims. We would have to look beyond learning languages, mathematics, etc and be prepared to see the beautiful things that happen throughout the beauty. Making good thinking and make good choices.
We have it written in capital letters: Bell-lloc to discover things, discover the world and discover the human people’s part.