Shackleton’s photo album, the musical

[html format=”full_html” different_values=”0″] Author of the photographs: Toni Forns (professional photographer) The trip became an odyssey when the ship with which they were sailing, Endurance, was trapped between ice platforms in the Weddell Sea, a few kilometers from the coast. After months and dragged to the north by the underwater currents, the ship could not […]

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Baccalaureate, General, Primary, Secondary

Success of the musical Shackleton

[html format=”full_html” style_padding_top=”10″ different_values=”0″] Author of the photographs: Oriol Cortina Reixach (4th year student of ESO C)The images show the preparation and assembly of the stage and lights, performance tests with actors, choreographies with students, some waiting times and relaxation, general essays, hairdressing and make-up and backstage section, prior to the afternoon functions of Friday. […]

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Baccalaureate, General, Primary, Secondary

Results of the 2019 Kangaroo Tests

On the other hand, apart from these two special mentions, we have the following results: Students who have stayed between the best 1% among all the candidates presented: 1st ESO: Joan Cantal Massaguer and Joaquim Font Costa. 2nd year of ESO: Guillem Manresa Martori. 3rd ESO: Aleix Dilmé Riera and Gerard Molina Collell. 4th ESO: […]

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