Open Doors Day Saturday 3rd at 9.45h

3 febrer, 2018

We are once again opening our doors and grounds to parents and children for our whole school open day on Saturday 3rd February and Monday 5th February at 9.45.  As you all know, this is a wonderful opportunity to show the school to your friends. Also on February 3 will be the Open Doors of Bell-lloc at 11.30.

Infantil Bell-lloc fulfills this course 20 years.

We have been training for 20 years, have been in 20 years of challenges and enthusiasm and now we already have a handful of students and former students of Bell-lloc who can say: “I am a former student of Children’s Bell-lloc” , and when they visit us, they illuminate their faces, remembering good moments and times lived with teachers and colleagues.

When a family visits us again, many times, the first thing to do is to look through our magnificent entrance hall and exclaim: “everything is just as beautiful and well cared for.” The second thing is to climb the ramp and review the photos of P5’s promotions until they are found, and then they are surprised at how they still remember the names of the teachers and classmates that perhaps for years have not seen.

On February 3 and 5, we open the doors of Children to all those families who have heard of us and still do not know us.

We want to teach you everything we do, how we do it and what we have and what we are.

We want you to enjoy the Atelier classroom by imagining small researchers and artists, working with all the material in the classroom and waking up their creativity; A long and exciting Ohhhhhh will be your exclamation when you see our classroom atmosphere where our English specialists practice role play, a symbolic game in English.

We will walk through all the classrooms to see how the children are developing, we will see how the corners of the home, we work on projects using the Vess method to teach students to have a critical and structured thinking.

The light and the space of the building always fall in love with all those who visit us and you will be surprised to see how children work their hygiene habits independently, since the toilets, sinks and cleaning utensils are in the classroom .

Digital whiteboards alongside traditional whiteboards remind us that learning is in balance, and the patio, dining and kitchen facilities will prove to be imposing and essential for the good day-to-day development of our center.

We invite you to come, and if days 3 and 5 are not adequate for you, Infantil Bell-lloc has always open doors for families who want it. Just call. You will be welcome!