21 febrer, 2018

In Infantil Bell-lloc, learning is project- based. The projects open up a world of infinite possibilities to discover new things about the world around us and are explored both through the childrens’ native tongue and English.

The first step in any project is to pick a topic or theme.   This is carried out by the children of the class who, based on their interests, and guided by the tutor, come to an agreement on the subject.

From that moment on both English teachers and tutors will accompany the children in their journey of discovery, in their respective languages.

How do we do this in the English classroom? Teachers aim to construct a vocabulary bank and introduce specific grammatical structures by taking advantage of the project areas being developed in the classroom, adapting our contents to our linguistic objectives in English. This vocabulary and these structures are introduced and explored through visual media, communication activities and games, movement  and creativity.

We aim to make the project the an authentic and meaningful learning experience, applicable to the outside world ,  useful for life beyond  the classroom. It is about girls and boys who will eventually learn to think for themselves, to investigate, to learn by trial and error, developing a critical approach to the information that surrounds them.

In this endeavor, we involve the families, we offer our students a number of different resources (internet, books, varied material, digital board..) and whenever necessary we carry out activities and experiments related to the project.

In effect, the role of the English teacher is to guide the children, keeping an eye on their progress, taking into account the objectives to be reached in the English language.