Artists in “Som Girona” project

20 November, 2019

Helena Prats, who is well known for her ceramic work, has visited our school and we have presented our “Som Girona” project. We take in account the diversity of languages; mathematics, linguistic, digital, body language and in this cast the artistic language.

At Bell-lloc Infantil we based our global methodology in the thinking culture when our students think new projects, issues, questions for themselves and they look for the correct answer. The personalized knowledge is very important for students because it helps them to connect different emotions and how to deal with them. Significant learning helps us to consolidate concepts. We have started a project in which our students connect the most important things of our city with the art and the creativity.

At Bell-lloc Infantil we want to considerate the age of our students to introduce, investigate, manipulate, present and play with an artistic language that will allow children to increase their creativity alongside their life.
Helena, a creative and kind professional, had helped us to live a creative project of a ceramic sculpture and she has proposed us new challenges for the near future.