Children’s choir set off for team-building trip

17 October, 2017

It has been long since the Children’s choir started spending two team-building days out each academic course, with a view to fostering cooperation among students and rehearsing their performances more intensively.

Thursday morning. Students come to school as usual, but some stand out from the rest: they are not wearing their uniform and loaded down with suitcases and sleeping-bags. They are the members of the school’s Children’s choir, who set off for an unforgettable team-building trip.

They spend two days and a half in Rocacorba, an ideal spot to rehearse with peace and quiet: good rehearsals call for it! It should be noticed, nonetheless, that they are children, and they need some room to let out their energy and wind down after rehearsals. For this reason rehearsals and leisure time alternate: premises in Rocacorba allow students to enjoy themselves, either by practising sport or just strolling.

This year they have been working on a special repertoire. On November 5, the Children’s choir will be singing at the Mass broadcast by TVE. It is a great challenge and they are not willing to let anyone down. Since they are preparing themselves very well, we are convinced that they will bring it off!

On Saturday parents picked up their children in the morning and enjoyed the pieces that their little ones had been practising.