Christmas Bell-arT

11 December, 2019

Thinking about the meaning of life and love are the two main aims that we are going to work in Bell-arT. Jesus was born to teach us how to love. These two aims can be taught to a 3 years old student or an old man. We demonstrate this with our thinking routines and our thinking keys that we work in Bell-arT.

We connect Christmas with our daily life and our memories that we have lived.
Then we present our Christmas work arts. We see them, we think about it and we also wonder about the lights, the persons that appear, the emotions that we feel while we look at the work art, etc.
Closing our eyes and enjoy the silence it’s a way to understand the sense of Christmas. This sense helps us to live in a happy mood during these days. Sharing moments with our families and wondering about Christmas it’s the best way to understand the activities related to Bell-arT. The different works art that we are going to work during this Christmas has a similar point of view: “Where does the light of the world come from”