Language games from P0 to P5

11 December, 2019

During the stage of language acquisition and development, it is interesting to work in a transversal way in all areas and spaces from P0 to P5.

Language games aim to extract certain elements (phonemes, syllables, words, pragmatic functions) from linguistic communication and propose situations where children can manipulate them (group, differentiate, compare, etc.). Adapting phonetics requires attention and discrimination, oral and facial motor skills, and a motivation to improve oneself.

Early oral stimulation in the process of acquisition of oral language is essential, because it is the main medium to transmit information and culture.

At school, we take advantage of any moment and situation to work on phonological awareness to form words or to play in a directed way in order to improve language.

At home, it is very important to reinforce this as often as possible, creating a climate of affection and trust so as to enable them to develop the language with confidence.