Consell Curs PRI3

Course Councils get underway in Third Cycle

27 September, 2017

Since its foundation our school has allowed students to appoint Course Councils on an annual basis. Such councils are made up of different students from the class who represent the whole group and help the tutor build good class rapport.

Once the academic year has started, one of the first tasks that our students are assigned is to choose which classmates will constitute the Course council. This council consists of a group of five students who provide assistance to their tutor and attempt to develop strong class rapport. The members appointed must display exemplary behaviour and interpersonal skills: we try to convey the idea that they must be a model to look up on. Thus teachers encourage them to take charge of some essential tasks, such as the developing of good class rapport, students’ attitudes towards the subjects, proper behaviour in the school’s’ canteen and playground, etc. The Course council meets the tutor fortnightly so as to work on several aspects concerning the group’s progress and adopt specific measures to help classmates and teachers.