Explica un conte

Explain your favourite story

4 February, 2022

Conversation is one of the key points in the Infantil education classroom. It is an educational resource that helps to build knowledge and acquire language. During this second term, we are starting a project in P5: “Explain your favourite story”.

Each week a child will bring a book to class and explain to the rest of the students the book he/she has chosen.

The main objective of this work is to develop conversational and public speaking skills: it is important to know how to explain a story in an orderly and understandable way. For the other students in the class, the objective is to work on empathetic listening and to learn to ask questions at the end of the story.

In this activity, we work on thinking skills such as: predicting, relating, reasoning, connecting, expressing, concluding, etc., which strengthen the culture of thinking, decision-making and one’s own judgement.