How Schools are Failing Boys, and What We Can Do About It

8 November, 2019

All over the world, boys are becoming the weaker sex in the the classrooms. According to data from the Ministry of Education, 83% of girls finish secondary school, compared to 73% of boys. This gender gap, which gets even worse when it comes to underprivileged boys, is still absent from our country’s educational agenda.

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Experts point out that boys have more discipline problems in the classroom, and unlike girls, tend to show a more defiant attitude towards school practices. Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys, claims that our schools today are getting more and more hostile towards masculinity, and encourages Western countries to follow the lead of Australia in the creation of boy-friendly educational institutions. 


Single-sex schools are specialists in tailoring to boys’s educational needs. They offer highly structured proacademic settings, with the necessary dose of discipline and order, where boys can foster their talents in the company of positive male role models. Dr. Jaume Camps, lecturer at the International University of Catalonia (UIC) says that “school failure is a gender issue. If boys did as well as girls, our country’s educational outcomes would surely rank among those countries that we consider to be exemplary.”


At Bell-lloc we always try to make the difference in order to give our boys the best school experience possible. We contribute to closing up the gender gap in education by accompanying boys along the academic paths that lead to personal success.