27 November, 2019

Bell-lloc Infantil wants to give its students the opportunity to grow by learning music. There are a lot of advantages in cerebral investigation. Different studies have proven a strong association between musical learning and cognitive benefits. It’s for that reason that is very important to start music education as soon as possible.

We dedicate a specific room to discovering sound, rhythm and movement and they have a lot of material resources: musical tales, instruments, puppets, bells, etc.
We develop sessions at early ages with the music specialist. We base the musical programming on active methodologies that develop successful programs at schools from 0 to 6 years: Escola “EspaiTotsona” with the “Totsona” method of musical Stimulation and “El Musical” of Bellaterra with the musical project and movement, and The Music method to grow.
The musical pedagogues that lead these methods have good references about musical pedagogs: Willems, Martenot, Orff, Dalcroze, and Gordon. They incorporate different theories of learning their sessions: John Dewey/Roger Schank (DOING), Montessori (PLAYING), educational Kinesiology (MOVING US), Neuroscience (LIVING EMOTIONS), Vygotsky, Bandura, and Neuroscience (SHARING). The students learn and play at the same time. They playing and enjoy it. They can sing, dance, play instruments, enjoy listening, etc. It develops their musical sensitivity!
We have a musical installation that allows us to listen to music everywhere: in the hall, the playground, the school canteen, in the corridors, etc. We listen to music when we start the day together, changing the activities, at the end of play time, at the end of the day, etc.
We develop musical curiosity by presenting different composers and their musical repertory. This is an interdisciplinary work with the course tutors and the music specialist. During this year, we are going to work on Albéniz, Beethoven and Schubert.
We organize concerts to enjoy the performance. We celebrate the Music Patron by inviting professional musicians and/or ex-students from Bell-lloc that show us their instruments and their abilities.
As we know, the involvement of the families it is very important to generate this musical learning and stimulation.
Last week, we celebrated Sta. Cecilia. We attended a musical show, “En Tom i la volta al món en trompeta”, a musical tale based on the sound and styles of the trumpet. It combines narration, music and actors paint during the musical tale.
Joan Enric Bonastre (narration), Pau Morales (paintings) and Xavi de la Salud (playing the trumpet).
Also, Oriol Cantó (an ex-student) visited us! He played the guitar and the saxophone and we sang Disney songs and soundtracks together. It was a really enjoyable experience.