Open Doors, February 28th

19 February, 2020

At Bell-lloc Infantil, we offer daily, personalized tours and interviews every time a family is interested in the project, methodology, character, and facilities of our school. Do you want to know what you can see this year at the Open Doors?

Once we have introduced ourselves, a group of boys and girls with their teachers will go for a walk in the school’s woods, where we will do a Science Walk; observation, manipulation, experimentation, sensory, and psychomotor activities.
These activities and experiences aid in the acquisition of language as well as the discovery of the environment, oneself, and mathematical language.
Open spaces help us to know the world, love it, and be responsible for it.
At the Open Doors, we will also see how psychomotricity is worked on in the psychomotricity classroom, how we experience music in the music classroom, how we learn English in Role Play…
After a tour of the classrooms, we will go to our favourite classroom: ATELIER, inspired by the classrooms of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, with some Waldorf materials. It is there that our creativity, imagination, and mathematical logic is awakened; where we socialize and work on oral language. It is a class where we discover a lot of artists and materials and where we are constantly learning. Immersed in the culture of thought, we make decisions and it’s a wonderful place for learning, discovery and most importantly, understanding that if we make a mistake, we try again!!!!!