P3 students go to the farm!

5 November, 2020

The excursion to “Mas Bes farm” helps the children to discover the rural and natural environment thanks to the contact with nature and animals.

During October, we have talked about the great gift of Creation at BELL-arT.  We have carried out several scientific walks and, in the Atelier, we have been working with The Autumn as a central theme.

The farm visit is a part of the student’s learning process about the animals’ environment. They take care of nature and discover the benefits of this relationship.

At Mas Bes, children could touch and observe the behaviour of animals. They actively learned from this experience.

Concentration and attention are stimulated by this direct contact with the animals, which helps them to develop self-confidence.

Taking care of someone is always a positive aspect and reinforces one’s personality and self-knowledge.

The children met the animal keepers, who were very kind and attentive with them and the teachers.

They ate a home-made cake and milk from the cows of the farm.

Bell-lloc Infantil confirms its commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the environment and nature, as we teach how to learn, respect and look after the environment. We want them to love nature.

We continue to encourage activities and experiences that provide them with meaningful and emotional experiences for their own self-esteem.

Self-esteem at this age is based on the perception of Love. The love that they receive and the love that they learn to give to others (people and family). It’s the key to the formation of the child’s self-concept. And also, to a different extent, the relationship with animals and other living beings.